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Full Version: Water Hauling?????
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I wanted to stay at Red Rock Park in Gallup, New Mexico. The reason I didn't is because there was a sign out saying "No water hauling." Well, here is my dilema: Tomorrow is the Good Sam Rally, and they require you to come with a full tank. So, I had to "water haul." So, I left and went to another RV park.

Did I understand this correctly? What they didn't want was you filling your tank just before you leave?

I'm guessing they have had issues with construction folks pulling in with some kind of water-trucking vehicles...?

Honestly admit I've never seen such a warning sign at an RV park. Have to guess that the place was 'unattended' like a honor-system for fees...right?

So where is this Good Sam Rally that requires one arrive with a tank of water?
The rally is in Albuquerque. Well, I re-read the literature, and they can provide water for $20. But heavens, I hate paying fees when I can get it free! I ended up staying in Grants, NM, which is 80 miles from Albuquerque. And it's gonna be a COLD ONE tonight, temps down to 20's! I was in Cortez, CO last night and it got down to 23. Brrrrr...... But coming to Grants was better anyway, all the RV parks in this town are $15 with full hookups, free cable, and free WiFi! I don't get it, but I'll take it!

I think they were trying to keep locals from filling water tanks at the park for use on their ranches. Take a look at this: Gallup Water Hauling

I'm not positive, but I think that they mean that there will not be trucks hauling water into the park when you run low. So you had better bring all of the water you intend to use with you when you arrive.


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