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Full Version: Filed A Bbb Complaint Against Local Rv Service Center
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Well I finally had to file a complaint against the RV dealership where my camper was worked on. After 3 phone calls to the owner and none being returned, I filed a complaint against the dealership.
Get this, my camper was in the shop for almost 5 months for repairs. We took it camping this last weekend, and it still is leaking in the shower. It originally went in for repairs to the shower.
Imagine my dismay when we got back from some day activities, only to find water in our floor!! Stuff in the storage on the floor got soaked and the whole left side of my camper inside had standing water. I am really peeved!
If you live in the Elizabethtown KY area, you know the dealership Im talking about. They have an "F" rating on the BBB website!! I wish I had checked that before I took my camper over there.
The owner finally called me today and wanted me to bring the camper back! I believe I will just fix it myself! There isnt any dealers close that do warranty work on Gulf Stream, and I definitely am not taking it back to this one in town.
The owner obviously doesnt really care, as he comes in when he wants to and seems to always be gone. Just a personal observation, but that attitude seems to filter down to the employees as well.
I filed a complaint with Gulf Stream as well, to include pictures of everything. I havent gotten anything back from them as of yet. No wonder the RV industry is floundering!
I dont think I will be buying a new camper again! mad.gif
Florida Native
The problem is that almost nobody checks with BBB before doing business with anybody. A complaint with them does almost no good. I got screwed real good on the purchase of a bed about 8 years ago and the jerk is still going strong. He just disreguarded my complaint and it had no real power to make him play right. He just laughted it off.
Thanks for taking the time to post your observations and file complaints !
Word of mouth...AND posting to sites like this... seem to be the most effective.
Cannot afford to be the silent, abused customer-base.


Another very good place to post this information would be here:

Name names please!
I'm going to Kentucky this summer. I'll remember to avoid any RV dealers in Elizabethtown.

Well Gulf stream called me and we talked about half hour. They wanted me to take the camper back over and have the dealer complete the repair. I turned them down and fixed it myself this afternoon after work. Took me about 2 hours, but it is done, and done right! Pretty sad that it took me 2 hours to successfully complete what a dealer could not in 5 months!!! On top of that, the items that the dealer said were not under warranty, and I had to pay for out of pocket, are under warranty. I have to send a copy of my receipts in to Gulf stream to get that taken care of. Man what an eye opener!!!
You know the old saying, when you want something done right............ mad.gif

QUOTE(DXSMac @ Apr 21 2009, 03:19 PM) *

I'm going to Kentucky this summer. I'll remember to avoid any RV dealers in Elizabethtown.


What part of KY are you going to stay in??
QUOTE(KentuckyCampin @ Apr 22 2009, 06:46 PM) *

What part of KY are you going to stay in??


I am glad you got your stuff resolved. I'm sorry it was such a hassle!

Never take you coach to a rv service center in rock wood tn , I had some work done on my awning there and they stole a very price item out of my coach while there. Just wanting to let everyone know. Stay away from rv center in rock wood tn. I have called and called nobody returns my call,
I'M a Full timer and if I take my home in for repairs I let them know 1) I live in it full time 2) I will be there while repairs are being done, since I do have valuable things in my home. I also have a established time line for it to be in the shop. I had repairs that took over night they made sure my electric was hooked up and a water hose was connected and that was inside there building.
When I had a s/b I'd do the same. That was a RV place in Kemp TX All Star RV.
As a previous poster said, thank you for taking the time to make a report about that horrible repair shop. If ever in that area, we certainly will avoid them. It is crazy that GulfStream told you to take your camper back to that dealership. Anyway, good on you for warning others against the same fate.
AGAIN!!! As posted above.

Post good and bad things here:

Sometimes checking the BBB doesn't help. I filed a complaint with the one in Oklahoma after some really bad repairs on my trailer. After the company refused to respond to the BBB they removed my complaint and continue to give this rv company a A+ rating!
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