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Hi everyone. I'm a new member and tried to write a review on a campground that I've stayed at many times in the past 15 years. Since the campground hasn't opened yet I can't enter my review for all to see. This web site only allows reviews for the year 2009. After reading some of the other comments I can see that it's not a very friendly web site; they don't allow you to make an entry unless every little question is answered (including the date you camped there). There are others out there that would like to make additions or subtractions to their review but aren't able to. I am one who wants an accurate review and I don't need to know the exact date you camped there. Is there any way that we can get our request to the system managers that operate this web site?
I don't know why the year is set to only accept 2009, but you could do what others have done and state in the review that your stay was in 2008.
Hi Saxmanfred,

If folks don't answer the questions then the data available to others is degraded. I would love to see even more detail.

Who ever approves the review may be able to change the date to the appropriate year if it is mentioned in the body of the review.
Best site for CG reviews anywhere, and since it's free, that makes it even more friendly.

Welcome aboard Saxmanfred cool.gif
First three reviews I entered were 'approximate' dates as I could see one needed 3 to get published. Picked a couple parks that I had personally enjoyed and journaled so I could accurately 'review' them, and just grabbed a date someplace in the month I knew we had passed thru. Thought there was a scroll-down on the year-stayed...but I could be mistaken.

Also learned NOT to review a place after driving all day...due to the 'no amendment' feature. Everything looks/smells/sounds better after a strong cup of morning coffee.

We're actually a pretty laid-back bunch...and would enjoy adding another review to the mix.
I could be wrong on this, but I don't think it makes any difference what date you put in. I know the form has a place for the month, date , and year, but I think the system only uses the month and year. So why does is there a place for the date? I don't know; the system might do something with it, but I have just always left the date as 01 (March 1, April 1, etc.) when I do a review.

I don't know why this site asks for the DAY, either, as it's not used in the posting. But if you stayed there in 2008, just mention that in the review and I think they have a way to fix it. I've done that before.....

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