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Full Version: Rv Parks In Grants Pass, Oregon
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RV Park Reviews lists 6 parks in Grants Pass. They are:

1. Bridgeview RV Resort
2. Jack's Landing RV Resort
3. Joe Creek Waterfalls RV Resort
4. Moon Mountain RV Resort
5. Riverpark RV Resort
6. Rogue Valley Overniters RV

They all have very similar ratings. I have never stayed at any of them.

I like a park that is flat, downtown and with paved roads and pads. And not too many permanent residents. I never use the park's pool or bathrooms. Wide long, pullthrus are preferred. Good Verizon signal is necessary for an Internet connection. I like an RV Park not a Campground - no fire pits, etc.

Does anyone of these parks fit the bill? I have a special reason why I want to spend a day or two in Grants Pass. Please only reply if you have stayed at or personally know about one of those 6 parks.

Larry Rebich
Larry, I have stayed at two of the parks, Moon Mountain, and Jack's Landing. Neither of them fit all your criteria.

I think you are going to have to pick which criteria is the most important to you and just live with the rest.

Moon Mountain is up a curvy and steep road from town, but it is close to town. I rode a bicycle into town when I stayed there in 2004. If you want to be in town, Jack's Landing is a good choice. When I stayed at Moon Mountain in 2004, they didn't have WiFi, but I understand they do now. Moon Mountain is terraced so you aren't looking into your neighbor's window and asking to pass the ketchup (but you will look onto the neighbor's roof!!!), but I think you get a paved pad, if I remember. Jack's Landing is also terraced, but the spots are very close together. If you read the reviews, my review is the one that mentions the diesel pusher pulling in and scaring my cat into hiding.

Rogue Valley Overnighters is also in town, and it was a few blocks from Jack's Landing. I didn't stay there, but I walked by it. It may fit most of what you want except for the "WIDE AND LONG" part. Rogue Valley Overnighters did not appeal to me, but you may like it. As for parks not having any "perms," I don't think you can get around that. I think.... but don't remember for sure... Jack's Landing doesn't allow perms in summer, but they do in the fall, winter, and spring.

The good news is.... All three of the RV parks I mentioned are... RV PARKS and not Campgrounds. The bad news is.... you aren't going to get 100% of your criteria. Pick what's important to you.

We stayed at the Rogue Valley Overnighters for about a week. Got in and out of a pull thru with our 25 ft semi truck and 35 ft 5th wheel trailer. No problems. That's why we picked it. I was surprised how quiet it was with the road only about 200 ft from our trailer. We used their free Wi-Fi. Was faster then our sat. dish hughnet. Has lots of cable TV channels.

Do have a picture of our site on my webshot page in my sig.

There are lots of seasonals there so if you dislike that you won't like this park. To me seasonals aren't a problem. The interior roads are paved but not the pull thrus.

Good luck with your choice.
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