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sad.gif I know it'll be a while before the snow starts, even in Ohio. But, at the rate I'm going it will be getting close to flurries before I find a campground. Please tell me if you have found a nice campground in southeast or southwest florida. I have been fooled serveral times by the ratings and by the people when I make reservations. So please help. I don't have to be right on the beach. I'm not going until the month of January . After that I want to go up around Avon Park or Lily Lake,Fl for Feb..It's just me,my husband and Fritz the dog. sad.gif
John Blue

Long time before we have snow. What part of Fl did you have in mind? What price range? We have thousands of parks down here. If you plan to move to Avon Park or Iily Lake in Feb. you will need to have reservation set up soon. The hold state is full in the winter months.

I need more information to help you. I also need to know if you would like a class A motorhome park only. They are very nice but high on dollars.
I actually settled on a campground near Ft Myers. for the month of January and am looking at two in Lady Lake for the month of February. They both sound about the same. Blue Parrot or Recreation Plantation. Heard anything about either? We stayed near Tampa 2 years ago and loved it, except the highway was sooooo busy, in order for us to get to the park across the street, we had to go to the light close to a mile away and bike back. huh.gif
John Blue

We have not been to Blue Parrot or Recreation Plantation. I understand they are OK. Tampa is a wild place summer and winter due all the people who live here. Winter months can be a mess due to trafic. It is best to stay outside city if possible.

You may wish to visit Silver Lake in Naples on your trip to Ft. Myers, very nice place. Cypress Woods is in Ft. Myers. On the Caloosahafchee river you have two nice Army Corg Parks, one at Tice and one at Port LaBelle. Sites sit on the river and are very nice. I would take a look at The Great Outdoors RV Nature & Golf Resort in Titusville also. This is a great place and you can ride the bikes around inside the 1700 acres. No trafic problem here.
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