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Full Version: Reviewing A Park Off An Magazine Article
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There was a review posted recently about Tampa East RV resort. The poster apparently has never laid eyes on the park or even attempted to stay there. They posted a review based on an article in Highways magazine. Should this be acceptable? Can I review a park because I read about it? How about reviewing it and giving it a 10 because it looked nice in the ad or on it's website? I am not questioning Highways Magazine, I am sure they are a good source, but how many times are there comments in these postings that say "I Don't understand how Woodalls or Trailer Life rated it so high". I thought that this site was for reviews of parks that the reviewer had some connection to. I don't think it should be for posting reviews where the only information the poster had was from a second hand source.
I agree. If one hasn't stayed overnight, they shouldn't rate a campground. The exception to this - and even I don't think it should be allowed - is if one specifically states they haven't been there and the rating is because the place is closed or some other unusual reason.
I agree. However, I think it would be appropriate to post the "review" comments in the forum.

QUOTE(gilda @ May 26 2009, 04:51 PM) *

From a magazine article???

All I'm saying is that the comments that were submitted as a review would have been OK in a forum topic. I don't think a review should have been submitted based solely on a magazine article. However, if I recall correctly the reviewer talked about having trouble reaching the park and somthing else I can't remember. I see no problem with reporting these things in the forum.
The administrator removed the post. Job well done. I believe that such actions by the administrator keeps this site relevant and a great resource. Three cheers.
John Blue
Sorry to say this but the information is more or less true. We live near this place. I agree removing review was the correct action to take.
What makes this web site so good is the reviews by the campers that have STAYED there. I probably use this site more than trailer life. I do however take each negative review with a grain of salt. Usually there are several reviews of a campground and I can get a "feel" for the place.
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