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Full Version: ERIE PA Campgrounds....Advice?
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Just wanting to know which are the best Campgrounds to visit in Erie PA. Accually we will be tenting with our family, we have 5 kids. They like to Hike, swim, nature. We do not have an RV, will be pitching a tent... we have found 3 that sound fun for families.... Family Affair campground in North East PA, Creekside and Sara ? near Preqile beaches. ANyone go to any of these and if so, would you recommend...or any others? Thanks ! biggrin.gif
Family Affair isn't exactly what I call fact, we left before our stay was up. Sara's isn't's right across from Waldameer Park (amusement park) and the entrance to Preseque Isle State Park...a lot of seasonal a lot of traffic in general. You might want to try the Erie Koa...we stayed there and it was really nice or you might want to try Virginia's Beach sits right on Lake Erie about 15 minutes from the heart of Erie, but it's a beautiful campground.
But, our favorite campground, and we're tent campers as well, is about an hour south of Erie is Pymatuning State's absolutely beautiful...there are over 600 sites divided between 3 campgrounds within Pymatuning...Jamestown is our favorite...they have their own in park beach..all the sites are spacious. And, hey, at only 12.00 a night during the week it can't be beat price wise...$14.00 per night if you want electric.

Here are three URL's for the campgrounds I mentioned...Hope they help you out...and when you're in Erie...go to the's one of the best small town zoos I've ever been to.

Virginia's Beach Campground...North Springfield, PA

Erie KOA

Pymatuning State Park

Hope you enjoy your visit and if you have any other questions let me know...I've been to Erie many times!!!
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Just so anybody reading this thread knows -- you can make any link "clickable" by always adding the "http://" in front of the www. In other words be sure to put the whole url in the message and the software will recognize that as a link and make it clickable automatically. We corrected the above links to make them "clickable". rolleyes.gif
Thank you!!! I wasn't sure exactly how that works...sometimes if I just do the www then the URL it will automatically become the future I'll remember for this site to insert http if I post any other URL's!!!
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