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Full Version: Do Not Stay At Jim Thorpe Camping Resort! Here's Our Story...
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This is the story of our eventfully short stay this weekend:

We (a group of friends in our mid-twenties) drove to Jim Thorpe Camping Resort excited about our weekend of camping in the outdoors. When we arrived we were directed to our spot in what seemed to be the RV park of the very full resort. Not only did we have to put our tents on gravel, but we were right next to a busy road, but we decided to make the best of what we had.

Our first night, we sat around the fire with a few beers, catching up with friends we hadn’t seen and chatted with the Boy Scout leaders from the site next to us. We were up quite early the next day for white water rafting and at 10:45 (20 minutes before we needed to leave) a man (who didn’t identify himself other than someone who knew the owner) drove up and informed us that there had been complaints about noise the night before, something that we somewhat expected since getting 20 friends together can equal some loud chatter. However, next he told us that there were also complaints of us throwing bottles and that there were pictures of us doing so. Our leader started to explain politely that that had not happened but the man quickly cut him off screaming “Do you want to argue with me!, I say that you threw the bottles and You say you didn’t, I didn’t want an argument, so that’s it, Get out!!” We stood there in shock at his irrational anger...he was frightening! We said nothing but stared and he continued “We have photos. Do you want to go to court! Do you want me to call the cops! You signed a contract. We have the right to kick you out whenever we want. And you’re out!” Again silence because we were shocked by his violent anger. “What are you waiting for, Get out! You have till noon to pack your bags!!”

We were never given the chance to defend ourselves and we were never shown the photos. Because we had 20 minutes before we needed to leave for rafting, we started to madly pack our things. Meanwhile our neighbors from both sides of our site came up to us and asked what had happened. Both agreed that we had been nothing but quiet and courteous and gave us their numbers and signatures as proof. If any bottles were thrown, they would have been thrown into our trash bag because even when the man came to the site, it was spotless … absolutely no trash. This event ruined what was supposed to be an enjoyable weekend, leaving us absolutely homeless with some of us having traveling 4 hours to get there. We lost $200 dollars because of him. We had read many websites saying things exactly like our experience had happened to others but we ignored them. DO NOT IGNORE THIS!! DO NOT GO HERE!!!

Please read these, We’re not alone!:
That was actually probably the owner who came to your site. Was he a bigger man with balding hair? I used to be a seasonal there years ago and "Harold" came to us one night when friends showed up and we were a little loud too. He came and said he had complaints and no one was at the campground. It was during the off season!!!! He was a friendly man at times but other times, he could be really nasty. He used to tell us the stories how he went to the overnighters and acted as if he wasn't the owner to give a little scare into the people. I am so sorry to hear you had trouble. Next time, try the lake further up the road. While there aren't full hookups, your being in tents shouldn't be a problem and you will have a nicer time.
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What state and town is this campground located?
QUOTE(Lindsay Richards @ Jun 17 2009, 11:07 AM) *

What state and town is this campground located?

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