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Full Version: This Is What Rv'ing Is All About!
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I normally drive 250-300 miles a day on long trips. I had just finished my 300 miles, crossed into Missouri on I-29, and there are NO RV Parks that I could see. So, I just randomly took an exit, hoping to find SOMETHING, ANYTHING! I wound up in Craig, MO. I weasled around, and LO AND BEHOLD, a sign! RV Park two blocks away! I drove to it. Oh my. Seven spaces, on grass, near an alley one block from the main street. Only one dilapidated trailer (presumably the owner) on site. I asked some locals if I would be safe, I was assured I was safe. Called the after hours phone number only to get voice mail. Finally located the owner at a community fish fry that was being held that evening.

Price was cheap, but I had to put up with trains and barking dogs from neighboring homes. But for one night... heck, and I even went to the fish fry!

I eventually discovered that if I had kept going, there was a state park down the road. But I'm betting this place was cheaper.

Hi JJ,

Next time you are in need of a place to stay use this in google maps for a search:

campground loc:<town, state>

300 miles a day really burns through the fuel but also gives you legs!
And guess what, this town LOVES their fire bell. They blew it at 6:00 PM last night (scared my cat) and they blew it at 7:00 this morning. I'm guessing that everyone is supposed to be awake at 7:00 AM whether you want it or not.

Lee and Fran
JJ some towns do that to alert the younger kids to get home and to help get people up for work and school. But hard to say why they play theirs.
I bought the trailer life campgrounds and rv park directory book and we check it every time we stop for lunch and pick out three possible places we will stop for the day and have always had good luck when looking for places to stop for the night.
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