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Full Version: Rv Parking In Chicago
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I live in Austin, TX and will be traveling by RV (25' Class C) to Canada next month. On our way up, we plan on stopping in St. Louis, Chicago and Minneapolis to catch some baseball games. I found a park in downtown St. Louis about 2 miles from the stadium. I'm still searching in Minneapolis.

My main question: Are there any places to park an RV in downtown Chicago? It would be nice if there is a spot within walking or biking distance to Wrigley Field. If nothing is downtown, is there a decent park nearby? Any ideas or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
Good luck finding a place near Wrigley. It's pretty much residential area near the stadium. There use to be a convent that had paid parking a few blocks away which was large enough for a 25' but don't know if they allowed it or if they still do it. It won't be fun getting an RV to that area.
For St Louis there's closer parking available and it's free. In East St Louis is the Casino Queen. Across the street north of the casino is a large parking lot. You can park there for free and take the metro train across the river which will drop you off at the stadium. There is also camping at the casino. However, you don't want to go anywhere in East St Louis other than the casino or that parking lot. They're easy to get to and right off I-55 but don't go driving around rest of the town.

try campground loc:wrigley field at Google Maps
Jerry S
Hi Binker,

First of all, check previous forum topics for RV parks/ campgrounds in the Chicago area. There have been several in the last 2 years. I don't think any of the parks are within 20 miles of downtown. There are several in the 30-50 miles range.

Secondly, Wrigley Field is not in downtown Chicago - it is about 5 miles north of the center of the city. As previously mentioned, it is in a mainly residential area and, to my knowledge, probably does not have any nearby parking lots that will accomodate an RV - even one as small as yours. Even for a car, parking anywhere near Wrigley on game days is a hassle. In addition to limited parking lots, you must have a "resident sticker" to park on the nearby residential streets. I know that they have parking lots about 2 miles to the west off Addison St. where you can then take a shuttle to the park. I do not know whether or not those lots allow RVs. Your best bet is to contact the Cubs and ask them if you can use those lots.

Finally, a bit of advice: If you do stay in a park 30-40 miles out of the city, allow yourself at least 2 hours to get to Wrigley. You may be able to do the first 15 miles at 55 mph and maybe the next 10, but those last 5-10 miles could take an hour. At best you'll get there half an hour before game time.

If anyone suggests parking at a WalMart in the city - there are NO WalMarts in Chicago. It is a union thing. Recent proposals are still at that stage. There are Walmarts is some nearby suburbs, but you still have the problem of getting to Wrigley from 10 - 20 miles away.

Good luck with your trip.

Thanks for the information - will probably stay at a site out of the City and take a cab/train down to Wrigley. Can't wait!
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