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I have seen and understand most of how thousand trail works has any one stayed at the non thousand trails resorts ie the NACO's ELS property's ect do they operate like TT or do they operate more like Passport America where the campground owners basically do what they want to put you in bad spots or refuse the discount ect. Am looking to buy a TT membership and would like to hear form some about how it really works not what the salesman says
Florida Native
We attended a TT free 3 day camping experience given to us when we bought our coach at Lazy Days in Florida. We had to attend 2 hours of sales presentation. They tried to see us a membership for $4,999. This quickly came down to $1,700. We told the salesman, that we were not going to buy now or ever. He went on for about 20 minutes and finally when my wife took out her knitting and I told him, if he worked on commission, he would be a lots better off spending his time on somebody who was open to buying. He allowed us to leave. He would not give us the 2 $50 Wal-Mart gift cards we were promised. We spoke to the manager and he said we didnít get the gift card as we didnít sit through the entire presentation. My wife informed him that we would sit through it and lets go right now, but we would not be buying. He gave us the gift cards and we left. The campground (10 miles from Disney) was old and average. With our style of camping where we never know in advance where we are going, I would never use the TT enough to justify the expense. May be different for others

If you *must* buy a thousand trails membership try to find a "used one". Many folks resell their memberships.
John Blue
We did the same thing as Lindsay. What a joke the TT system is to me. Old run down fish camp from years ago. High prices and little more. One salesman told me the place needs work. Some people do like the place and that I will never understand. Read reviews about the other TT across the USA and you see the same thing. Look at all the web sites that people would love for you to pick up the membership so they can get out of system. We travel to place we like to go not places a campground is set up to take you.
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