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Can anyone verify if the Buffalo, WY KOA is still there and if it is still a KOA? If not and if it is still a campground do you know its new name? It has been removed from the KOA main website, and the individual website for it no longer works.

Thanks for any info.
Lee and Fran
I went to and they dont show one in Buffalo they do show one in Sheridan, north of Buffalo. My book shows these other rv parks around Buffalo and I checked and they all have good web pages.

Big Horn Mountains Campground - Buffalo, WY
Deer Park - Buffalo, WY
Indian Campground - Buffalo, WY
Mountain View Motel & Campground
Thanks for your reply, but I'm not really looking for a KOA (or for any other park) in the area. I know there used to be a KOA in Buffalo. The last review for it is in June 2009, but when you click on the website button, it does not go to that KOA, and you are correct that apparently no longer recognizes the park as a KOA. So I'm trying to find out if this place is still an RV park and if so what its name is so the listing on this website can be updated. I was just hoping someone had stayed there after it was no longer a KOA and could fill us in.

But again thanks for your help. If I had actually been looking for a park your info would be very valuable.
It is now called Twin Creeks Campground. I didn't see how to change the name in the review section. Still has some of the KOA signs and stuff around, so it changed very recently. Still a nice place. Guess they decided not to pay franchise fees anymore. Phone number is 307-684-5423. Hope this answers your questions.
Thank you so much. I will report the this information so the listing can be changed.
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