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Full Version: Portable Satellite
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I am new to this forum, so if this topic was discussed previously, I would appreciate a link to it. We are looking at purchasing the new Winegard Carry Out Satellite Antenna as it seems the most practical for us. It can be placed anywhere at your campsite and it finds the signal automatically. The downside is that it can be easily stolen. The upside is that it is small, light and can be moved to wherever there is a satellite signal. Does anyone have experience with these?
Lee and Fran
Had a friend who wintered with us in Az this past winter and they were quite happy with theres. They too were concerned with the theft possibilities but could not figure a way to secure it. Also being light weight a 30 to 40 mph winds would move it across the lot until he staked it down with some stakes and bungee cord.
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