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Full Version: Nomad Isp Wifi Comments
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we used this service at several resorts this summer. when we paid for it, it was great. when it was offered for free we had great difficulty with it. we finally complained at the last park we stayed at and it took all night to get it fixed. Nomad blamed the resort, resort blamed nomad. finally had several people complain to get the message across to nomad that something was wrong on their end. it finally worked the next day...

it seemed odd to us that the main answer at resorts was "it must be a problem with your computer" so if you did not go round and ask others at a given resort, you might just give up. we also thought it odd that it ALWAYS worked when we paid for it.... comments?
I have found Nomad WiFi to be as variable as any other park WiFi, whether we paid for it or the park did.
Being fulltimers for 6 years we have used quite a few commercial wifi services. Tengo is the worst. I have used it on a few occasions and it is always the same, bad. The rest are hit and miss. The problem is a lot of parks are located where there isn't a good DSL or other connection with enough band width. Most of the fulltimers I know use an air card from their cell phone service. I haven't been able to justify the additional expense yet.
I'm not a full timer, I have used NomadISP a couple of times, and find them very expensive for access.

They also use calendar dates for access, so if you get back to the motorhome late and want to get your email, you pay $8.00/day, and at midnight, you have run out of time.

I do not know if this is a system wide policy or just the campground where we recently stayed.

I used it at an RV park in Northern New Mexico (close to Colorado border) at elevation of 7,888 feet, and it worked fine. It was free. That is my only experience with it. I don't pay for WiFi at RV parks, if there is a cost to me, I don't buy it.

Florida Native
I have found no difference between paid and unpaid WiFi service. I have had good and bad at each. I do not like it when I have to pay for it and then get lousy service. I believe it is the responsibility of the campground to make sure what they are advertising is in working order, not the offsite provider.
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