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I want to get a hammock, mainly for reading and relaxation, and possibly for naps. I'm looking for product recommendations. One thing that bothers me is the fact that I will have to hang it from 2 trees. Not sure how I feel about that yet. Also, I'm curious about the different types of "textiles" and your preferred make/model. Also, what about hammocks that are more for lounging than laying flat. Please give me a link to the site of your favoriate hammock, or tell me the product name so that I can easily find it on the web. Thanks for your recommendations!
Florida Native
I tried tying my hammock to just one tree and it didnít work out too well. I have the hammock in a bag which I would not recommend if you are over say 200 pounds. I bought 2 by 25 foot good Dacron (low stretch) rope. I love laying in a hammock and have a great one at home that has the 4 foot spreader bars on each end. It is too large to carry in the coach. It only takes a very minutes to set up my hammock and I do it all the time. A good hammock will put me right to sleep. Click link for photo of me asleep in my hammock in a bag.

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