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biggrin.gif I can't believe it. I am new to forums and also computers, hope i'm doing this right. my husband and I have planned a retirement trip from Ms. to the northwest. our first stop will be the rocky mt. nat'l park then montana, idaho, washington and oregon. Our route from the rockies is to take I-25 then I 90 toward glacier park, then hwy 2 to hwy 20 thru washington. Does anyone know what hwy 2 and 20 is like. We are pulling a 34' travel trailer
John Blue

Welcome to the group. I would bet half the people on this board have been on the same route you have in mind. Long way from MS to first stop. You should have some good information soon.
Florida Native
Camping World sells a book called “Mountain Book” which gives you the grades in % and the duration of all major roads. They have one book for the Western US and one for the Eastern US. I believe they are about $13.95 or so, but well worth the money. My wife, the navigator and chief decision make, has used both of them extensively and won’t leave home without it. Good Luck on your retirement and I think you will find it beats the heck out of working. My one advise is to go slow and enjoy each day. It’s about the trip, not the destination. We usually put about twice a s many miles on the toad as the coach by exploring along the way.
Thanks for both of your inputs. I believe this is a great group of people to talk with. We have had an rv for years but have never traveled out of state but once and that was to arkansas years ago to ride four wheelers, so we are really excited about this trip. We have wanted to do this for 40 some odd years. Our buget is for 2-3 months. I think we will be able to see all of the high spots, I hope. any info on roads will be appreciated and i will get those books. Excitement is building and as soon as school starts and we no longer have to keep our g randchchildren for the summer we are off! I will post any info we have when we get back. Thanks again to everyone!
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