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Full Version: The Wave
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In the "Parking Overnight" thread flashing your lights after a vehicle passes you was mentioned. That made me wonder how many of you wave at on-coming RV's. I know this is not as feasible on divided freeways as it is on smaller highways, but we always wave at other RV's? Do you "Do the Wave?"
John Blue
Yes, we always wave and flash lights for truck to pull back in as well. smile.gif
Most drivers out there let me know that I'm number one laugh.gif
QUOTE(Texasrvers @ Jul 29 2009, 07:07 PM) *

... Do you "Do the Wave?"

Yep. The wave and the blink/blink.
I've just about given up waving to anyone as rarely does anyone wave back. When I get close enough to see their eyes (after I've waved at them), they are locked forward with no intention of waving. They look like someone just killed their dog.

I do blink my lights to let truckers know they can safely pull back in front of me.
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