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Full Version: Air Compressors ??/
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jus curious who carries them and how big are your tanks and the working pressure ??
I carry a portable power station that I got at Costco. It serves as an air compressor up to 150 lb, and can be used as an inverter up to 300 watts. It also has jumper cables to jump an engine.

I love the compressor, put air in my tires when needed.

Ha! Ours is tiny. Holdover from clearing out the garage before we hit the road. Originally purchased for toys, bikes, ATV's and lawntractor tires.
It does work just fine on the tow car...but would never have enough oomph for the RV tires. For that, I'll dial Triple A.

My compressor is a two gallon oilless model and gets up to 120 psi. I bought it because my new to me Kustom Koach has air bag suspension assists on the rear--but no compressor.
I have a small one with five gallon tank I got at wal-mart. It works good on tires on my 5er and F350 truck.
Lee and Fran
I also have a little two gal unit that gets 100lbs and recently learned that is not big enough for my rv tires which require 100lbs and my 100 lb unit will only air them up to 75 lbs before it just seems like it will not air any higher.
I have a craftsman that I bought 25 years ago , gets to 100 psi , will do anything up to the 16" tires on the doolies , can get them to 65 psi ..

Not sure how big of a tank would be needed for the 19.5"'ers tho .. The drivers are max 65 psi , mebbe the 'presser will do those , the steers are 95 psi and I know they arent gonna get that high with my tank ..

A bigger tank is the key , with mebbe a 150-200 psi working pressure ..
Florida Native
I just borrowed my neighbors compressor to air up my tires becasue of my new TPM. It was a 2 gallon 150PSI and worked fine. It looked a little big to haul around in my class A though. I have a basement compartment that I don't use and need one to fit in there. It is a nice thing to have around.
air compresser is one of the handiest tools known to man , well to Jack anyways ..
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