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Who has it ??

Seems to be great from the few I have spoken to , I like the idea of the Harley and all the other vehicles being under one membership ..

However , the application appears to require membership in one of the MH owners clubs ???
Although they like to deal through dealers and clubs, they'll be glad to take an application over the phone (1-877-801-0333). I've used them for over 4 years and can't imagine better service.
called yesterday and joined , actually spoke to a real live person
I'd be interested in hearing why you (or anyone) chose coachnet over other similar service providers. What advantages to do they have over others? Lower cost? Better service? We use a different company, but I am always interested in a better deal.
John Blue
We have been in coachnet system a long time now. We are Gold members and the list of things they will do goes on and on. You can have a flat tire in a rental car and they will fix it. All of our cars are part of the plan plus any car we are driving is in the plan. We have called them couple times and they were on the phone in sec's. The problem was worked out very fast and help was at out motorhome in less than one hour. Never had any problems with them. Hope I never need them again but in the RV world we all know that will not be the case.
Texasrvrs - Coach Net only deals with motorhomes, so you're assured of getting the right tow. On my last breakdown, they called me back within 15 minutes with the name of tow service, when they'd be there, that they had made an appointment at the nearest Freightliner service center, and that they had confirmed that we had a plug-in place to stay. They also have techs on call; when I had a propane problem, the operator set up a conference call with a tech who talked me through the problem. I can't imagine better service; it's well worth the cost.
RV Camper
I totally agree with Meanderman! I use them because they have the best track record to back them up. The cost from one to the next is pretty competitive so that really isn't a factor, but the way that you get cared for when you break down and things are going poorly is important!
Lee and Fran
I too have them and have had them only a couple of years but have used them twice and no complaints at all. They also have the tech help if you want to try and do it yourself or if you need help to get it moved to where it can be repaired, they will talk you thru any and all checks.
Bud in Florida
Had to use them once on my trip out west this past summer and they were great. Found a repair person to come to the campsite and fix the problem. Was not even a problem they covered. Ncie people
CoachNet does more than motorhomes. We have a fifth wheel and they cover both the dually and trailer. They also cover family vehicles under the same policy. We had Good Sam ERS previously. Their service on two occasions was disappointing. We've only needed CN once but they were Johnny-on-the-spot and took us to nearest QUALIFIED garage, not nearest podunk service station. We'll stay with CN.
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