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Full Version: Sway Bar Bushings
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Hello to everyone from Southwest Virginia. Yes I'm new here! The wife & I have enjoyed tent camping for many years. So many that it started getting difficult sleeping on the ground. I don't care what kind of air mattress, pad, or sleeping bag you have to offer there's just nothing like your own bed at our age! So we purchased a 2009 Passport Ultralight 285RLS last year and have had a blast with it. We aren't retired but manage to get away about once every two months. Our TT learning curve is steep so please help out.

Our TV is a 2002 Ford Expedition (Eddie Bauer) w/5.4 Liter V-8 & 3:55 gears. I'm rated for 7400 lbs. and I'm pulling 6500 lbs. loaded. Noticed my rear sway bar bushings are aging and show signs of tearing. Did some quick research and found out a little about poly bushings and links. Can anyone share their experience's with me about this? Thanks in advance and look forward to updating you on our adventures.
The poly bushings work great. Just be sure to get the graphite impregnated poly bushings otherwise you might experience quite a bit of squeaking. You will find that this will be the last set of bushings that you will have to install on your rig. They basically last forever. Change out the front bushings at the same time.
they are the "only way to go" when replacing bushings , you'll probably feel a noticeable handling improvement
Thanks for the tip, graphite impregnated bushings & links is now on my list of upgrades for the TV. I'll google that tonight when I get a chance. Many thanks for your advice.
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