Hoping that someone can help.

We have a 30ft fifth wheel & truck which we leave in storage when we return home to the UK.
This time, we're flying out of Phoenix, AZ. mid September time.

I have done an internet search, & there are a bewildering array of storage facilities in the Phoenix vicinity. It will take me hours to go through each one. As we've found this site wonderfully helpful as we've planned our trips, I had a brainwave & thought there is bound to be lots of members who know the Phoenix area well, possibly store their rig there & who could recommend somewhere.

We're looking for outside storage (inside would be nice but I think it'd be way beyond our budget!) for the 30ft fifth wheel & the truck. Approx 45ft overall length.

We need storage for at least 3 months, possibly more. Somewhere nice & secure, that doesn't resemble a junkyard. If the place could offer an airport transfer as well, that would be brilliant, but not essential.

Hope someone can suggest somewhere.