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Full Version: Highway 34 Colorado
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Hi there, a quick question..

For my annual RV trip this year in September (I am from the UK) I was thinking of heading into the Rockies using Highway 40 north from I70 and then Highway 34 (Trail Ridge Road) before ending up at Fort Collins.

I was wondering how this road was, I am an experienced RV driver having done a trip every year since 1992 and have driven probably in excess of 100,000 miles or so.

I will be renting a 37ft Class 'A' as usual and I can see there are many bends etc in this route, however the road seems to be of a decent width etc and I am guessing there is a low speed Limit so hopefully any impatient drivers wishing me to drive over the edge so they can get on their way shouldnt be a problem.

I had a bad experience with a VERY narrow road around Lake Isabella some years ago in a large Bounder RV, I made it alright but it was hair raising with very little room and angry drivers right up my backside flashing lights etc.

It looks to be a beautiful route and I am in no hurry so speed is not an issue and I am guessing that there are many large RVs making this trip all the time.

Any info would be greatfully recieved.
RV Camper
The highway, US34 over Trail Ridge Road of Rocky Mountain National Park has always been kept in pretty good condition, but the last time that I was over it, it was not a road for the largest of RVs. If you are well experienced, you can get over it, but there will be corners where you will block the lane traveling in the other direction for a brief period. The speed limit is mostly of 45mph or less, but if traveled at a busy time, you won't be going that fast very often.

It has been several years since we traveled it, so it is possible that it could be widened by now, but the last time that we traveled it I would not have done so with a larger motorhome. I have owned RVs since 1972 and been fulltime in our motorhome since 2000, and we lived in Denver for three years and Cheyenne, Wyoming for 18 years. I think that it has been about ten years since we last traveled that route.

If you want more and better information, you might get more if you post this on one of the more active of the RV forums.
I usually use Google maps and see if they have driven their street level camera van on the road in question and you can see the road for yourself. At least you can see if it is a divided two lane or just a graded dirt road. I took a peek at hwy 34 in co, and it looks like Google has indeed covered that road already. Here's a link to get close.,261.89,,0,7.05

Hope that helps,

I drove it in a 30' Motor Home, westbound. I did not have time to look at the scenery - too busy watching the road. Wife kept gasping as she looked out her window a seemingly straight down for hundreds of feet. Probably would not do it again!
QUOTE(renodick @ Sep 2 2009, 11:31 PM) *

I drove it in a 30' Motor Home, westbound. I did not have time to look at the scenery - too busy watching the road. Wife kept gasping as she looked out her window a seemingly straight down for hundreds of feet. Probably would not do it again!

Thanks for the info guys...

Think i may give it a miss and skirt round to the east of the park instead..
Jerry S
I just took that exact route (I70 to US40 to US34) through the park from west to east a few days ago in a 33' Class C. The next day I drove back west on Trail Ridge Road (US34) in the RV. Since you are an experienced RV driver, I do not see any problem in you driving this route. The only real problem is the potential for snow as early as September. It is not likely, but is possible this early in RMNP.

Have a great trip.

Thunder Mountain
Welcome to Estes Park. I've lived here for 29 years. I've driven everything from an over the road tour bus to a 65 Triumph Spitfire over Trail Ridge in the last 40 years. Currently own 40' bus and toad. I actually use Trail Ridge for a short cut when open. Take it easy, go early in the morning and avoid weekends. Probably snowing up there today. There are 5 hairpin curves on west side. Go slow but you will probably end up with tires on the yellow line. But I've passed side by side with another big rig on one of them wasn't fun. Be sure to use limited pullouts to let us by. Can snow up there any one of the 365 days in a year.
We just drove up to the visitor center today. Don't let some of the other comments scare you.

We have a 45' long 13' tall RV (the size of a full size bus). We just went slow, and took our time. The hairpin turns were fine, except for when the road crowned, and there was a rock wall there. We came pretty close, but were fine.

It was snowing at the top, and some of the way down, but it wasn't bad at all.

So, I would do it if I were you. If you need a CG to stay at in Estes park, I would highly recommended Elk Park. We are here right now, and will be for another day. Tomorrow we will be hiking all day, and using the park and ride.


God bless,


We have driven highway 34 from Loveland Co. to Estes Park MANY times with no problems.

Ourtageous view....what an experience.

Go for it!

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