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Full Version: Slimey Question
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Have a question that I REALLY don't want to ask. I have searched the web with no results and hope someone here can help. We have ""Slugs"" or something that looks like a slug, black in color that have taken up residence in the sewer lines. They were right in hole entrance. We have screw off lids that are on the lines untill a guests gets ready to hook up to the sewer. I saw them in one line last year when we had to disconnect a guest that had been with us over a month and she did not have her sewer draining correctly. I had to lift her sewer hose and let it drain out. After it had drained I disconnected it, to help her put the hose on a rack. I saw these creatures and thought they were there becasue the waste was just laying in the hose. A couple of days ago a guest check in and said when he started to connect, took lid off sewer line, he saw slugs. WHAT IS THIS and why are they there. Never in 20 ph34r.gif years have we had this problem. I would not want to hook up becasue I would fear they would crawl up my sewer hose into my camper. Has any one seen this. The guest that saw them left today, we went out to check and of course they are not there, BUT I can't take a chance they will come back. I can't have THEM SCAREING off Guests.
Just run some straight laundry bleach down the sewer line and that should kill any of the little buggers. Probably even a 50 50 mixture with water is still strong enough to kill them.
John Blue

Take a look at this web site and see if it will help you. We have used the Demon WP in past and we keep it here at our home plate as well. It cost some money but it works. No oils, odorless, no stains, and last a long time if used inside. This would help kill off a lots of pest in your park. Check it out.
RV Camper
The first thing that I would want to know is, are they a native of the area? I think that if you contact your local county agriculture office you can get some help to determine what they are, where they come from and an appropriate way to control them. I would not just start dumping things into your sewer lines, And I particularly would not do that if I had a septic system, although a city sewer can get you into to troubles with the EPA.
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