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Full Version: Getting A Fl Residence
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cool.gif My husband an i will be full time rvers as of mid septmber. Our home is being short saled and we are trying not to spend any money we dont have to. We heard that fl rsidents get deals on camp sites if they are residents . How can we get proof of residentce . What about the mail services do they give you an address? I am worried about our money and need to find a no frills park between jacksonville and st augustine fl. Any help would be great.
Thank you
John Blue
This will a hard trick to do. First off if you live here and have a FL driver license then you get into FL State Parks for half off up to 14 days only per park. To get your driver license you will need to rent, buy, or lease a home someplace. You can buy into a RV park site and call that your home base I think. You need to carry a bill like from power company or telephone service to license people with your old driver license to show proof that you live he. Your old license will be taken and you will be added to the tax books. Thousands of parks down here but all are very high on rates in winter months. To save a couple bucks in our State Parks system will cost you dollars. You need to look at the B plan.
As John stated you really need to move to FL to become a resident.
RV campgrounds in the J-ville/St Augustine area with minimal amenities and "reasonable" price, first recognize winter in FL raises rates so be sure you check with Campground for rates during the time frame you will be at the CG. Second, here are three CGs in the general area you ask about, I have never stayed at these CGs have known RVrs that have and again what is good in one set of eyes isn't good in another, so if interested PLEASE check the various Forums and see how other RVrs review each CG.
Bulow Plantation RV Resort Flagler Beach, FL
St Johns Park St Augustine, FL (believe this is a Passport America Park)
International RV Park Dayton Beach, FL

Good luck and just use common sense when looking and choosing a CG.

Dan West
Good Sam Standby Sam, FL
RV Camper
Actually, there are several organizations that supply an address for full-time RVers who wish to use Florida as their domicile. Of course, you do need to actually change the state of residence to do this. Probably the largest and best known organization for mail service address is the one from the Good Sam Club which is located in Pensacola, FL.

As stated above you will need to move your driver's license, vehicle registrations, insurance, voter registration and all other actions that are based upon domicile to Florida.

My question is your reasoning? Why would any commercial RV park charge less if you happen to have a Florida address. The only parks that I know of which charge less for Florida residents are the state parks and they don't have any monthly rate and most have a limit as to how long you can stay there.
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