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Full Version: Bio Diesel Or Not
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I have a Cumminss 600hp 14.9L diesel in my coach. What are peoples thoughts on using bio diesel?

I have heard some pro's and cons, one being availability in some remote areas.


Seattle, WA
09 American Eagle
I am a trucker and I dont think about it .. Dont think it's what is advertised to be ..
If I were running an old VW rabbit "bus" or rabbit, I would consider the bio option. If I'm running a very expensive RV type-- I wouldn't even consider it.

You gotta look at a few things: Availability (which you mention), quality control (which isn't really standardized yet), efficiency (it's not as efficient as diesel-- consider that you're probably getting low mpg as it is, wanna go lower?), and if something breaks on your engine, how many RV qualified mechanics will know enough about biodiesel and the tech requirements to fix the bloody thing?
John S.
Cummins said a while ago that 10% bio diesel is fine to run. They were looking at raising that percentage to 15 percent. The original diesel engine ran on oil and ours will run on it too but the issue is lubrication. IT will also clean out alot of gunk if you are running it so carry a spare couple fuel filters.
John Blue
From what I have found on web sites this item is all over the map yet. Our Cummins people said the B-10 was OK but if you have damage do not look for Cummins to help you. Them later that was changed to read B-10 or B-15 was good to go. Couple months ago we found all the buses in Vancouver BC running B-100 in Detroit engines with no problems and had been using B-100 for number of years. A diesel engine will run on about anything that will burn like corn oil. Like John S. said the lubrication is the trick. Cost you lots of dollars if you get it wrong.
Thanks everyone, I am sticking with good ole fashion diesel!

Robert W
Seattle, WA
09 American Eagle
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