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Full Version: Camping In San Antonio Tx
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I'm new to the forum, but have been looking at reviews for quite a while. I'm planning a trip to San Antonio in the Spring and have narrowed my campground choices down to two; Blazing Star RV Resort in west SA and Travelers World RV Resort in south SA. I've read the reviews but would love to find someone who could compare them specifically for me. Thanks!!!
First, welcome to the forum. It's nice to have you here.

Because we live in the San Antonio area we have not actually stayed at either of these parks. We have driven through both, but that was about 6-7 years ago. I just re-read all the reviews for both parks, and they are accurate from what we saw and can remember.

They both seem to have about the same amenities and are rated about the same. I think the biggest differences are that Blazing Star is newer and a bit more upscale, while Traveler's World is older but well maintained. BS it farther out of town and is located close to Sea World and Fiesta Texas. TW is very close to downtown and all its attractions--the Alamo and other missions, the riverwalk, the Institute of Texan Cultures, La Villita, el Mercado, etc. If you stay at BS you will need a car to get around. TW is on a city busline.

Most everything you could want to know about the two places is in the reviews here. Be sure to go back to the older reviews to get an overall picture. You will find some lower ratings for each place, but no park satisfies everyone all the time. From what we remember, the website pictures are accurate for both places. Also click on the "View on Map" button to get an idea about what the parks look like.

I don't know if I gave you the info you needed, but I'll be glad to answer any other questions you have.
John Blue
We have been in each park and find Blazing Star as TX said a bit more upscale. On the down side it is a good ways to downtown if that is what you wish to see. Traveler's World is very close to river walk and all the good places to visit. You can pick up the bus in front of park and be downtown in 10 mins with no parking problems. On Blazing Star you will have a bit of a drive to get downtown and then you have the parking problem to deal with. You can spend a lot of time in San Antonio and not see it all. I think four or five days on tour will get you a quick look around. We have been in and out of city over and over and each time we find more to see. Lots of other campground on west side of city as well. If you play golf Traveler's World is next door to a 18 hole course and a city park is also next door. Nice places to walk or take your kids and dog. The hold city is a great place to visit. Plan on lunch or dinner at river walk and the boat ride. One more tip, if you turn right out of Traveler's World campground and travel west you will find a number of places for great Mexican food.
I've spent a lot of time in San Antone for both business and pleasure. Have stayed at both Parks and as John mentioned BS in newer, however I prefer TW, more comfortable and convenient to the places I like to go and things I like to do. Both Parks are nice so my choice is strictly personal preference
Taking the info in the other Posts into account, I don't think you can go wrong staying at either Park.
THANKS ALOT!! My wife says I research everything to death!! I enjoy myself alot more if I get as much info as possible. Coming from MS, this will be the farthest we've been with our TT , but are very excited to see another new place and expose our daughter (10) to the history and culture of S.A. I think we will try Travelers World as we will spend more time downtown than we will at Sea World and Fiesta TX. Any other tips and pointers are greatly appreciated!!
In addition to the Alamo and Riverwalk, I suggest you and your family visit the Tower of the Americas. It has an observation area as well as a good lounge and restaurant at the top of the tower that rotates 360 degrees giving you a real view of San Antone. I think there is a Web site for the Tower.
RV Camper
I have spent a lot of time in San Antonio and have stayed in most of the RV parks located there. We spent three months at Traveler's World and we have spent a week at Blazing Star several times, as well as staying multiple times at the KOA and Admirality RV Park, and one or two others.

Since you have narrowed it to the two, I'll stick with those. Traveler's World is a friendly park with a friendly and helpful staff. But their sites are small and they are very poorly drained. If it should be rainy when you are there, do not stay at the south end of the park as all sites there will have standing water, as do many of those it any part of the park. We liked the people, but we hated the water & mud! In addition, Traveler's World is in a part of town where there are problems with theft from the park. When we were there, several bikes were stolen, two of them were locked but the cable had been cut. It was so bad that the park was suggesting you let them lock your bike in their shop. There were also several other things stolen. The problem is the side of town where they are located just has too may lower class folks in easy walking distance.

On the other hand, it is by far the most handy to the down-town area, River Walk, the Alamo, San Jose Mission NP (where we were working) and many other things.

Blazing Star is a much newer RV park and it has far more space between the RV sites, they are less challenging to get the RV into and while a long way from down-town, they do have good bus service to the city and they are very close to Fiesta Texas and Sea World. You do not have to keep everything locked up to prevent theft. We much prefer to stay at Blazing Star.
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