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Full Version: Can't Get Review Posted
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I've submitted two reviews for a campground in the last couple of weeks, and it has never been posted. I've emailed twice asking about it and there's been no response. The first review I sent had names metioned (positively), so I edited it and resubmitted. I've had more than three reviews posted so I've met the minimum requirements.
If my reviews are going to be ignored I won't be submitting any more. Why bother?
First off, this site is free, so lighten up. The people that do this (for free) have been swamped, and are getting to them as quickly as possible (covered in another recent thread).
I'm not upset, and I appreciate that the site is free, but if the reviews aren't gonna get posted I won't bother. That's all.
I asked someone to check on your reviews. They reported:

-they cannot find any reviews posted with your username. (You said you already had some approved previously).

-they cannot find any that have been submitted recently under your username that are waiting to be approved.

-they cannot find a review that has been deferred back to you. (You stated you had resubmitted a review.)

Also who did you contact by email? That might have gone to one of several people, but so far no one has seen it.

We would like to help you get your reviews posted, but at this point I need more information which you may send to me in a personal message if you prefer.

Did you post your reviews under a different username?
What were the names and locations of the campgrounds that have not been posted yet? Also send the name and location of one that has been posted. That might help also.

We can do some further checking when we get this information, and hopefully find out what the problem is.
Hello 2beagles and welcome to the the forum! cool.gif
Did your reviews get posted?
QUOTE(FosterImposters @ Sep 6 2009, 12:55 AM) *

Hello 2beagles and welcome to the the forum! cool.gif
Did your reviews get posted?

Problem resolved thanks to Texasrvers.
I appreciate the assist.
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