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Full Version: Is The Park Reviews Site Down?
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Bud Wiser
Usually when they are camping or on vacation, there is a disclaimer saying that they will be gone for a specific length of time. This time nothing. No posts since July 2nd I believe.
I tried to post a review, and it brought up the disclaimer that you mentioned. No reviews accepted until after August 12 I believe.
Yeah they're on vacation until Aug. 12 it says. But it doesn't say it until you get all the way to the review page.
Bud Wiser
Usually there is something posted on the opening page of the site. Can't blame them for taking time off to go camping though. Everyone else is going, and they deserve it. They have a terrific site here for us to use and enjoy. I just couldn't understand why there were four days of no new posts.
It seems that one could at least submit a review, even if it didn't show up for a month or so. Isn't there a buffer where the reviews get stored until accepted? I have several that I want to review now and in a month I will probably forget about it. wacko.gif
furdy 5 futter
Here's my re review.. .. please stay away from Outdoor Resorts Port St Lucie, Florida. Their is a bogus post on this website about that resort... some guy said he stayed there in a truck camper and, I am certain it is a class "A" only resort.

Anyway, we did stay their, it's a pretty place, but expensive, noisey from traffic, and worst of all... the hounding sales people trying to "sell" the lots to you. Aparently, you never really own those lots anyway, pretty crazy.
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