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Hi all, I am mostly a reader and do not post very often. I think the only thing that I have voiced much of an opinion about has been walmart. (I still don't get why anyone wants to do that~~~free, or not). But after looking at the recent reviews (last couple days), I am wondering why some people go camping at all. Such a bunch of complaining.

Lets see, these parks are all rated as low as you can go:

they expect you to separate your your cans, glass, paper and garbage.

Its called recycling.
skunks, rats and possums which roam freely around the park at night.

I guess they should be on a leash??
$5.00 more if paying via credit card.

This is very common now. Why should the rv park have to pay to take your card??

And this one kills me
We were here January, February and March of 2009.
, but then they gave it the lowest rating. Maybe you should have left just a bit earlier?? This is camping folks~~~not the Hyatt.

Is it possible that the economy has put people in crummy moods? These are campgrounds folks!! Have you checked the cost of hotel/motel rooms lately? How can you complain so much about a parking space that you are paying ($35/45) for?

I have NO stake in the campground/rv park industry. I simply do a lot of traveling and notice some of these ridiculous reviews. Maybe it's time for some people to hang up the wheels. Or better yet, look around and enjoy this country and stop being so darned critical.
Good Post!
lol, but the low ratings are usually the funniest to read!

Sometimes it does get ridiculous - one out there complains of no hookups and no RV services in the CG - it's a national park for $14.
There was a review I read on another site where the person gave the campground the lowest rating possible because the desk clerk did not greet them or say hello. And, did not say thanks for staying when they departed. Yet they stated the campground was beautiful and spacious and the restrooms were clean and there were a lot of activities....go figure.

Again, as I've stated many times before that's why I put little credence in what people "rate" campgrounds at.
Read and comment about this "scoring" on my Discussion Post "Numerical Scoring".
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