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Full Version: Hurt Feelings
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Sometimes I let my feelings get the best of me. I have always enjoyed the Park Reviews and have genuinely taken to heart what has been posted. I too have posted several times. We recently went to River Plantation in Seiverville, Tn. We had such a wonderful time and it was the best of campgrounds. Just recently there was a post of how horrible it was and was only given a rating of #1. Part of me is disappointed that someone can say such bad things. I guess it goes it goes to show you everyone's opinions are different. But I just don't understand how it can have high ratings from everyone else, then the bombshell hits.
I have also disagreed with a couple of postings relating to campgronds that I frequent often, nameny Christopher Run Campground in Spotsyvania Va.

I have stayed at, or visited that campground for almost 20 years.

It has recieved poor reviews for small sites, excess traffic, and only having one shower facility.

In fact, the sites are more than adequate for 2 vehicles, the ONE shower/bathhouse facility is actually FIVE that are placed throught the campgroung.

Traffic?? DUH... this campground STAYS full for a couple of reasons. It is on a 10,000 acre lake between Richmond and Washington, and is the ONLY nice campground on an addmittedly overcrowded lake.

I agree that a campground should not recieve a negative review simply because its not your "style".
It's one person's bad experience. I wouldn't put much stock in it because the person included few details leading me to believe that the many other posts were probably accurate. Had there been a balance of good and bad reviews I might put more stock in it.
I agree. I've read some reviews that people have given very low marks for and the reason being is perhaps they don't cater to pets...well, if one doesn't have a pet then there would be no problem...or there are low-hanging branches...well, if you camp as I do in a tent, low hanging branches would not be a problem. Usually when I come to an opinion about a campground, I take into account that not all people will be tent camping and if low branches would be a problem for those with large trailers or motorhomes, I'll post such information, but I would not give a campground a low mark for having those low branches...the same goes for pets, I would not give a campground a low rating because they don't cater to pets or one of the biggest reasons I've seen for parks getting low marks from people is lack of activities for children...I kind of laugh at that, and then I go as fast as I can to that park if it's in a reasonable distance from me...I was always of the mentality that when it comes to camping that if you do have a family, it's supposed to be a time for bonding with your family and nature...can't see that happening if the campground social director sees your children during your stay more than you do biggrin.gif

Reviews are very subjective in nature and what is written adversely by one or many regarding a campground comes down to the reader deciphering for themselves whether these opinions/reviews would actually be a detriment to their stay or be no problem...some of the best campgrounds I've stayed at have gotten the worse goes to show...different strokes for different folks.
Thanks for your comments everyone. I was really having a "pity party" after reading that post. dry.gif
As the folks who run this site keep reminding us, we need to carefully look at comments, and try to get several, on any specific location before making a decision and not base our decision on one or two comments. I recently had a situation just the opposite of your's. Even though Trailer Life rated them low (and I NEVER believe Trailer Life), I took the two very positive comments about an RV park in Eastport, Maine, that I found on this site, and made reservations there. Big mistake. After visiting the park, I can assure you that no way, no how, were these comments honest, and I believe they were posted by the campground owners or their friends. This park was SO far from what the two comments said that it could not be a matter of opinion or judgment. We live and learn!
Don't believe that a Good Sam Park means it is good either. We stopped in Memphis, TN at Mississippi River RV Park as we thought it was on the river and close to Beale Street (where we wanted to visit and try some barbeque). Well, it was a dump along side the highway, no river in site, old office building made into a residence and office, parking lot was the campsites and the rate with the Good Sam Discount was $26.00 a night. This place was the worst campground I have ever seen. I have contacted Good Sam about this place, but no response. I am considering not renewing my membership with them if they can't response or have better recommendations than that place.
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