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Full Version: This Is So Obvious An Owner Slamming Another
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Both of these are a good example of a park owner blasting a competitor. I don't buy this. This is why this site needs a better system to weed this kind of stuff.

GAVE THIS A (1)[quote]I called in advance and reserved with the assumption from the website pictures that this would be a decent place to stay. When we arrived Saturday at 11:00am, we found that the office is closed on weekends (yes, at a campground), they had moved us from the site that I had reserved, and the sites had pavement only as wide as an RV and dirt everywhere else so when you stepped out of your RV, you stepped into dirt. They are also quite a ways from any in town conveniences. I contacted the phone number since the office was closed, and asked to cancel my reservation due to our dissatisfaction; they said they would charge me the one night stay because I hadn't canceled 24-hrs in advance. I stated my dissatisfaction of the campground, that nobody was there for information to check in, and that they had changed my site without notification. The gal on the phone didn't seem bothered at all by an unhappy camper, so we ate the $28 and went down the road. We camped here in a Motorhome. [quote]

And here's his ONLY other review.
GAVE THIS A (10)[quote]We ended up here by accident; we were originally going to stay elswhere but were very disappointed in the location and sites, so moved to The Mill at last minute. We're so pleased that we made the move, the staff was very friendly and helpful, the park is extremely clean, well laid out, and quiet. We had a great view of the river, the sites are extra wide with a paved spot for your tow rig, and even green grass and landscaping separating each site. It is well maintained, and there are many conveniences in the RV office/store. I highly recommend staying there; we are not gamblers, but greatly enjoyed our stay there and the convenient location of it. It is well worth the nightly rate of $28.80. [/quote]

That one isn't obvious to me. The place that he rated a 2 doesn't get super high ratings. The place that he rated a ten has pretty solid ratings. Are you sure it isn't just a person that had a bad experience at one place and it made him really appreciate the second place?
John Blue
We see this type of rating all the time. What will make you happy is not what the next person is looking for. I do not understand the wild swings from 1 to 10. Some people think a rating of 2 is OK and a 1 is bad. I do not see a problem with the review as it was wrote up. As you read tons of reviews you will see this all the time. This is not to say it is correct only what we see each day.
Florida Native
I agree that either one could be a valid review. I have seen campgrounds that were not open on the weekend. We recently stayed in a great one in Berlin, OH that was closed on Sunday's due to the owners being Menonite, but they did have a very good system set up for people arriving on Sunday like we did and it worked out. When we had our lodging business, we had more obvious ones than this that we lost disputes with on Trip Advisor. The jerk down the street can cause a campground owner a lot of trouble and there isn't too much the operator of the site can do. It is just inherant in the system and we must police these reviews ourselves as we read them. Sad, but true.
It is just inherant in the system and we must police these reviews ourselves as we read them. Sad, but true.
I agree with this and I believe that the average viewer on this site has the intelligence to weed through.
Gilda - I have been to both these parks and agree with the ratings as presented by the poster. I doubt they are owner submitted, especially since I doubt the owner(s) of a casino is going to waste his time with such trivial (to him) fluff, but there is no doubt that there have been such entries on this site. I wish I had a suggestion as how to stop such entries, but I don't.

Gilda - my previous response addressed to you should more properly been addressed to summerland, sorry.
The Other John Doe
I'm not seeing the bias either. Both reviews are in line with others for the same campgrounds.
I'm not seeing the bias either. Both reviews are in line with others for the same campgrounds.
Maybe I'm wrong ( I would hope so). I just found the extremes very unusual, especially for someone who never posted any review before.
Put yourself into similar shoes. You go to a campground expecting whatever it is you expect. Things are so bad to you that you up and leave the cg within minutes? Hours? and go to another, which fulfills all your expectations AND happen to greet you with a smile. I think it would be human nature to rate the first low and the second high. It's up to us, the readers, to figure out why from whatever comments are available.
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