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Full Version: Safety Idea
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We just learned that we should not throw the campground flier away until we actually leave the park.

I was being so efficient as I prepared to leave early the next morning, so trash was bagged and ready for the dumpster before I went to bed.

90 minutes later, I was awkened by the smell of acrid smoke. I wandered out into the lounge where I discovered that the room was filled with smoke, and only then did the fire alarm go off. (Why it doesn't treat me so kindly when I am cooking, I don't know.)

We couldn't find the source of the smoke, so we called 911. The operator wanted to know our address. It took precious minutes to open the trash to find the brochure and read it through the wet coffee grounds, looking for the address, which she needed before sending the fire department. Thank goodness that we were less than a half mile from the station. It made up for the time delay at 911 headquarters.

From this day forth, we will keep the brochure out UNTIL we actually leave the park.

Afternote: Luckily, minimal damage. How much worse it could have been if I hadn't been able to find the brochure at all (like if I had taken the trash to the dumpster after evening dishes). But I still wonder why the smoke alarm goes off quickly for the delicious smells of grilling steak but it waited so long for the acrid smell of burning electrical wires and a plastic rug in a bin. Is that alarm trying to tell me something?
Thats a good tip. On my last camping weekend, I was reviewing the flyer and it stated that in an emergency, call 911 and tell them what the problem is, the campground name, and site number. Then you were instructed to notify a security officer (a seasonal guy with a red light on his golf cart) so he can meet the emergency responders at the gate and lead them to your site.

My wife and I keep a folder in our trailer with information on every campground we visit. We take the weekend activity flyer, campground map, and any other handouts and staple them together. If we liked the site, or saw one we would rather be in, we note it on the map. If we meet any seasonal people that we got along with, we note their name and site number. Also, we would add anything that was missing from the map (streams, swamps, trash cans, roads to avoid. etc..) We also include a few sheets of paper to remind us of campgrounds that are recomended by other campers.

Every spring, we take out this folder and review where we have been to start making plans for the up-coming season.

Just more uses for those sheets other than fire starters
GailG, that is a good safety tip. Thanks for sharing. I usually keep all CG fliers so that if we are in the area again I can be reminded of what the place was like, but it did not occur to me to keep it out and available "just in case."

Meatwagon, you are my kind of person. Some time back another member mentioned that they keep a notebook with CG fliers in their RV, but I also like all the things you write on yours. Right now my fliers are in the folders that I keep on different areas of the country. I am now planning to get them all together in a notebook and keep them in the RV. Something else I do is take a picture or two of the CG and staple them to the flier. This not only shows me what the place was like, but it also helps me remember details when I write the review. (Did it have a grill or not?) I wish I could remember all this without the use of visual aids, but all those campgrounds do start to run together--especially when the old mind is not what it used to be.

Good tips from both of of you!
Keeping the flier makes good sense. Thanks for the post.

Another safety idea is to be sure you thoroughly clean your fans and space heaters. We do this religiously in our bus. We had 2 friends that had fires in their bus conversions because they failed to do this. In one case, the bus was a total loss. In the other, they were able to unplug the heater and toss it outside quickly. It is amazing how much dust can accumulate inside around the motor. Also oil them at the same time and clean the fan blades so they will work more efficiently.
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