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Full Version: Pinecone Campground, Gaffney, Sc
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Have you seen the very latest review of this campground? YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!! Where is the owner of this website? No indication of whether this is the poster's first review or his fiftieth, but it sure ought to be his last. I've never been to this campground but it can't go from a slew of 2s and 4s to a 10 in six months. I smell home cookin'!

First of all the reviewer does say that there are new owners and that they are doing lots of renovations. He even mentions some of the specific improvements to roads and electrical boxes, etc. I can understand where several months of work could improve the rating.

Second, the bottom of the review shows that the reviewer only has one other review, so it is possible he is inexperienced with what makes a good campground. However, his second review is right in line with that campground's reviews so he may be a good judge after all.

Finally, since you admit you have never been to the campground how can you know for sure what it is like? It is possible the campground may not actually be a 10, but I don't see any reason to suspect home cookin'.
I agree with Texas. I see nothing about this review that makes me think it is anything but real. With new owners there it is easy to see that improvements have been made. I am curious about something though. You state you have never been there and yet you comment about it's former name and not that it is KOA. Do you live in the Gaffney area? Are you a rival campground owner that is upset that the new owners have made improvements? The way you worded your post makes me wonder what is behind your comments.
To set the record straight when the op posted his message the campground was listed as Pinecone Campground. When I looked up the reivew he referred to I read that it was now a KOA. I reported the name change, and one of the admins updated the listing.
John Blue
I find the review in line. As people get tried, older, and ready to sell off a property they will do less and less to it. New people come in with money, time, and a new plan to make it the best place on earth. It is the same thing you see with people moving into a new house. They will work on everything to make it better. I see the same thing here. Also person who rated park has two reviews and each were a 10/10 so this person rates on the high side. Next person may rate it a 9/10 or a little less. We will see over time.
I am with the OP... that is a suspicious review. If everything is undergoing renovation, no wireless (yet), 10 seems a high number. Maybe the campground is that good (even with construction going on), but I would want more reviews first.

As a campground owner , who purchased a run down mess 15 years ago, I can see where "new blood" can efect a rating in a hurry!.

Again, as an owner of campground in North Carolina who now gets 9's and 10's rating, we still, 15 years later hear negative reports from people who stayed here before we were the owners.

It takes time to turn around a reputation. It is unfair to the new owners until you have personally made a visit ot the location to check out their progress!

Along this same line of thinking, it is unfair to campground owners when you make negative remarks without taking stock of the real reason for the remark. For example.....I don't like their rule about quiet hour!....were you told of this rule when you check in? If yes, and it was a problem you should not have checked it but gone to a park who allows loud noise into the night.
In this example, if you did check in after knowing the rule, you really should not downgrade the campground when you had a chance to go someplace else.

I realize as an owner, may times we have "rules" that campers may not like, however, in most cases the rules are in place because of past experiences. Most campground owners want your experience to be enjoyable so you will come back....after all that is how they make a living!

Try seeing things through their eyes when you make your ratings.

I will give it to you....we have visited many campground we will never return too, however, we do try to be fair in our ratings and not just let our emotions take over.
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