I don't know how this subject may materialize since I don’t have a clue of the cost involved for the forum and if this idea is viable, wink.gif I think the administrator should use his/her power to bring this message to the attention of RV camp owners for input. smile.gif
My idea would be to open a new site in which the RV resort and campers may exchange their point of view and come up with suggestions from both side of the barrier.
As an example an efficient internet service, whether to included or not in the rent unsure.gif ; why not reserve sites for noisy people and separate sites for who wish to relax in piece biggrin.gif ; swimming pool facilities open to the general public or strictly reserved for campers and other issues that may be annoying for the RV campers but too costly for the resort to include them with the facilities without increasing the basic costs. wink.gif
I don’t have figures at hand but I have the feeling that there is enough comp grounds interested to deal with the public as enough RVers interested in asking specific questions to them.
Please think about it and if you wish to make reference to the writer, just say it was written by “THE BEST” ohmy.gif wink.gif tongue.gif he, he, he