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Full Version: "where's Grampi?" Photos Of Our Road Trips
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My husband and I recently took a road trip to Utah, to visit all of the gorgeous national parks and forests. About halfway through the trip, I realized that I was taking all of these photos, but who was ever going to actually want to see them? The scenery is so unbelievable, and there are already so many pictures of it.

That is when I came up with the "Where's Grampi?" theme. A variation on "Where's Waldo?" Everywhere we went, we would "hide" my husband somewhere in the scenery of a picture. My husband really enjoyed it, and we started looking at the composition of our photos in an entirely new way! It was just so much fun to do. We have grandkids that age from 18 to 2 yrs old, so we did photos where Grampi was easy to find, and some where he hid really well. But always with a great background - which is very easy to do in Utah.

When we got home, we hooked our laptop up to our big screen tv, and did a slide show for our kids and grandkids. Everyone looked at EVERY picture, and the little ones just got so excited trying to find Grampi. We had little fingerprints all over the bottom half of the tv screen, but it was so worth it!
Cute idea. I'm assuming "Grampi" was somewhere in the foreground. He didn't have to climb any mountains or trees did he?
We did something similar on a 3 month trip in the southeastern US last summer. Our grandchildren gave us a Webkins Panda that we named Bamboo. I created a blog about the trip adding photos. Usually in at least one photo in every blog entry, we included Bamboo somewhere. Our "young uns" were only 4 & 6 so we didn't hide her too much. Their mom would have to summarize what I said in the blog, but the kids enjoyed looking for Bamboo. Sometimes we received funny looks as we were placing the panda to take a picture. Other times we got suggestions of where we should put him. Many people thought it was a great idea.

The blog allowed our friends and family to keep up with our journey, but it also served as a reminder to me of where we had been. After 3 months of travel, it becomes a blur.

Another cute idea.

When we first started traveling we had thought we would try to put one of our pets in photos of famous landmarks. But they had other ideas. One of these days I may try to add a digital image of a pet to the photo. That's kind of cheating, but it is the best I can do.
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A really fun idea! Thanks for posting it.
We too just recently finished a trip of Utah and I agree it was gorgeous. But I wish that your post would have come before we started the trip. What a phenomenal idea!!

During the trip we used an online photo gallery site to post many photos. We had lots of viewers and online comments from family and friends, but I think adding the climate of a game would have been much more entertaining.

Thank you for sharing this great idea.
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