Hi all,

It was my first chance to see how my solar panels fared with snow this morning.

There was less than one centimeter of snow and output is zero.

Batteries were at 12.4 volts as I forgot to turn off the inverter over night--it was 12.5 last night.

I'm doing a load test by running two heaters with a total wattage of 2127 watts for 30 minutes. Voltage dropped immediately to 12.0 measured at the charge controller. I have deliberately plugged them into the same outlet--I want to know what those 15 amp breakers will do. (i.e. it should have tripped immediately and it did not). I did not think to plug in my kill-o-watt meter--oh well!

I'm combining this with a heat rise test--RV was at 0.9 C. The outside temperature was -0.9 C


The breaker failed to trip under a load of 2127 watts. I feared that would be the case.

Battery voltage after 30 minutes under load displayed as 12.0. When the load was removed the display immediately bounced up to 12.2 volts

Battery voltage at charge controller after 5 minutes of "rest" was 12.3 volts

Temperature in the RV was 6.5 C. Outdoor temperature was -0.4 C.

Solar output is still zero.

Please feel free to interpret the results--and to post your own results to this thread.