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Full Version: Beechcomber,Cape May
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Going in 2 weeks. What can I expect?-Stan
A zoo...LOL. I stayed at Beachcomber last July for a week. The staff is real nice when they're multi-tasking (attempting to do 10 registrations at one time)...there's a lot of activities and fun things to do and when you get tired of the campground to provide you with things to do, you're only a short jaunt from Cape May and the Wildwoods. If you're into history, you might want to try Cold Spring Village down the street...very interesting.

There were only a few things that I could say I disliked about're pretty well smashed into the campground like sardines...they need more shower facilities...hope you have your own...or you'll be facing a long wait unless you decide to take a shower about 3 a.m...and the other being the noise curfew really isn't adhered to...I fell asleep to my drunken neighbors attempting to sing around 2 a.m.

But, all in all, the good definitely outweighs the bad and hope you have a great time.

Also unless you opted for express check-in, be prepared for a wait when registering...almost an hour and a half when I arrived.
Thanks, I don't know if I did the express check in or not. I hope it goes better than your vaction, because I intend to review it when I get back.Thanks again for your reply. Anyone else camp there?
You're welcome...enjoy yourself.

All in all I had a great time I said, the good far ouweighed the bad.

Regarding express can give them a call...and request'll need to pay for your entire stay at least 48 hours or 24 hours (can't remember) before arrival and give your make of vehicle and registration and camping equipment, number of people, etc...and they'll have your packet ready for you when you standing in line's a good idea...I do that all the time now during the summer months...saves time. smile.gif
We are Back....... And probably won't return. A lot of negatives and not that many positives. I am still looking for a decent campground in southern NJ.I am about ready to try further south. I will review this place so look for my comments on the review page.Its to bad because we love the beachs in that area.Oh well,live and learn
Welcome Back....I'm sorry to hear you didn't enjoy yourself.

Have you ever tried Seashore Campsites? I enjoyed Seashore a lot more than I enjoyed Beachcomber...they are a larger park than Beachcomber, but their park and sites are set up a lot better.
We were there last October when everything was almost closed down, the park was almost empty and we loved it. Sorry you did not have a good experience.

Not a total bad time, just not enforcing quite hours-showers a pain in the butt-site small and close to your neighbor-3 pools but ususally only one open-always an arguement in the office between staff and other campers. Maybe thats the way it is in southern NJ and we have to live with it. I camp in a pop-up so noise and showers are important to me where it may not be for people in travel trailers. These places have to be making a fortune and I don't see a lot of money going back in the campground for things to be improved.Maybe I am wrong or expect too much.
Can't say I didn't warn you... wink.gif As for improvements, they have made some recently...mostly dealing with building more cabins.
I usually go to Beachcomber at least 2x every summer. I usually enjoy the facilities and have never really had a problem with the bathroom siutation. I go early in the morning. I have noticed though the same problem with the staff. The staff needs to learn to be more courteous. I find them a bit abrupt. I have also observed that the RV sites are very close together. But in spite of these things, I have always enjoyed my stay there and my kids love the lake and fishing for sunnies.
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