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We bought our RV MH this year and one of the bennys that came with it was a membership in Thousand Trails. We have stayed at Orlando, Leesburg Va and Hershey Parks and so far they have been prety nice. We talked to some people and they say they have been at some parks that were quite bad. Has anyone been to some bad parks? Info would be helpful.
John Blue

Lots of them are poor. Take the time to look at all the reviews on Thousand Trails. We have been in the two here in FL and we had little good to say about them. They need a ton of money to rebuild the parks. One sales woman told me they were old fish camps in past days.
Parks you have stayed in are some of the better ones in the system. We purchased TT membership - tried to stay in them during our 6 month travels one year. We felt that most TT campgrounds we stayed at were not worth the drive to get to. That plus some changes in the TT system led us to get rid of the membership. Many like TT and use them frequently. We felt our dollars should be spent elsewhere.
i stayed at TT in hohenwald tn. i saw some bad comments on it... maybe it depends upon what you are expecting. i had a fabulous time. i loved the pool and other activities. it was quiet and clean. i go camping to go camping so some of the complaints about it being rustic seem odd to me. if i want to have a more hotel like setting id pay more and go to KOA - i cant wait to go back to TT
Like everything else, there are good and bad. We average about 100 days a year in the various 1000 Trails Parks. What I see to be a common fact in most all of them is the lack of good roads, and updated facilities. Almost without fail, the workers and staff are always friendly and helpful. Things that bother us might not be a issue to you and vice versa. I've cut brush and trimmed trees in a Texas park that was under staffed and unable to clear the sites. I've tried to help in other parks and was told no, if your not hired to be a worker, you can not help. We find many of their parks are off the beaten path, or not in a area we care to be. Others are just far enough out of town to not be a issue. We are not going to get rid of our membership till we decide to stop traveling, and then will probably give it to a charity to sell.
If you come to California, their Solodad is in pretty bad shape. The water keeps shutting off, bad electrical throughout, I think they only have about 5 workers and do not want anymore! I went to high school with a guy that tried to book his company picnic (500 employees) and the really rude lady that sets the parties up, just lost them some money! It used to be a great park up to about 5 years ago. It's better to spend your money at the KOA down the street!!!!!!!!
We started fulltiming 3 years ago and purchased a nationwide TT membership to help defray expenses while we travel the country. It has worked out well for us. Personally, I'd rather stay at a TT (or affiliate) campground than KOA. We stayed at a couple in CA and I was really steamed up at what you got for the price. Doesn't KOA mean "keep-on-adding"? Yes, a lot of TT campgrounds are out of the way (which to us means no traffic and no noise) and under-staffed, same as a lot of our National and State parks. If you want resort amenities you won't be happy with TT. People are friendly and helpful which often makes up for the rough roads and rustic atmosphere. I think it also depends on how many days/nights you're in your RV. If you use it only for vacations or a few months a year, it porbably doesn't make $$$ sense to invest in a memberhip.
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