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Full Version: Solar Panels Below $1.00 Per Watt!
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Hi all,

The $1.00 per watt barrier for solar has been broken--at least for the moment!

As requested by the admins here I have removed the url.

I have no connection of any kind to the company that is selling these panels, nor have I purchased anything from them. I invite you to contact me should you wish to have the url sent to you privately.

I apologize. I was not aware of the rules regarding items for sale.

My thanks to the admins for not simply deleting the thread!

I'm just SOOOOOO pro solar. And I've been hearing about dropping prices per watt for some time.

Happy New Year!
RV Camper
Does this forum allow advertising on it? I guess we should all do that.
QUOTE(Kirk @ Dec 29 2009, 09:58 AM) *

Does this forum allow advertising on it? I guess we should all do that.

For those people who use solar panels to any extent, I'm sure they are grateful for any hints as to where to get a good deal. I think doing it with a link is a good way to avoid overt advertising and yet provide access to those who may be interested. This holds true for anything an RVer thinks may help another RVer. Naturally, there may be some who would overstep their bounds, but this certainly isn't the case here.
Let me please clarify. This site does not allow members to advertise their own business or solicit for any product or service which they sell. This cannot be done in their posts or through a link. However, in the past we have allowed members to provide information about products or services that may be of interest to all RVers as long as the poster does not have any personal or financial ties to that item or business. We have seen information posted about cleaning products, Wi-Fi antennas, air cards, tow bars, steps, extended warranties, road service, and many other things--all because members want to share their knowledge with their fellow RVers.

That said, it is sometimes difficult to determine if a post is an advertisement or solicitation (of which we get tons and which we remove) or if it is simply the desire to pass along useful information. Each case must be considered individually as to its purpose. In this case anyone who keeps up with the forum knows that pianotuna is an avid fan of solar power, and he has discussed this topic with numerous members. Therefore, it stands to reason that he would pass along information which he feels is a good deal. At this point we do not believe that pianotuna has any affiliation with Sun Electronics. However, if he does then we will rely on his integrity to remove or amend his post.
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