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Full Version: Upgrading To Class A
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We are considering upgrading to a class A motorhome from our 5th wheel and wanted to know the best car to tow behind. Any sugestions?
Jeep Grand Cherokee, automatic, 4 wheel drive. It tows 4 down with no modifications to the transmission.
We tow a Honda CRV and it is simple as well.
Oh,just received the FMCA magazine and it features the vehicles the tow guide with great specifications as well.
John Blue
Same here as A.E.Michell. Honda CRV, you start it up drop it in (D) then (N) shut off engine and lock it up, done. No mileage on clock has you tow, no fuses to remove, good gas mileage, no break down in over 11 years of use, no oil or leaks of any type, no problems less tires and oil changes, hard to have a better track record. The new copy of FMCA magazine Jan. 2010 has very good information on all tow cars. Pick up a copy at news stand.
We've always had a Saturn of some sort since we've owned a Class A.

It's funny how some people say they are "upgrading" from a fiver to a Class A as I don't look at it that way at all. It's kind of like the grass is always greener, etc. Given MY choice (and not my DW's), I would go with a fiver everytime. I like the idea of 100% usable space and more reasonably priced options on the fiver. In my case, since I don't (and won't) have a diesel, my possibilities are somewhat limited, so my comparison is between gasser and fiver. Another good point to me is that I don't have to break the bank to get a top line fiver. Getting a good MDT/HDT and a (for example) Mobile Suites/HitchHiker/Excel/Teton etc., would cost no more than a top of the line gasser. Most times it would be less if a MDT/HDT was not required.

Anyway, everyone has their own preferences and requirements. In my case, my DW says I NEED to have a motorhome.
yea, I was wondering what to tow too since the favorite is now a dinosaur. Saturn was kind of universal - except for the early VUE's.

We pull a GMC Envoy. It is a 4x4 and all I need to do is to put the transfer case in neutral.

That is semi-simple. Since the car (SUV/TRUCK) is computer controlled, you have to go thru exact steps before the computer knows what you want to do.

We have been pulling the Envoy around for 4 years without a problem.
QUOTE(t5vr @ Jan 3 2010, 03:42 PM) *

We are considering upgrading to a class A motorhome from our 5th wheel and wanted to know the best car to tow behind. Any sugestions?

We tow a 2009 Ford Escape XLT, AWD, 4cyl, 6 speed automatic trans. 2009 and 2010 can be towed without any modification. The Escape works very well for us, plus the vehicle has all the toys...........worth the time to check out to see if it fits your needs..............
James C
The Honda Fit is a great choice as well. Very light to tow and the hatchback has a low floor with lots of room to haul groceries and supplies. Towing is approved with the automatic and the towing procedure is the same as described for the CRV. We've found it to be a versatile toad.

Honda Fit
QUOTE(t5vr @ Jan 3 2010, 12:42 PM) *

We are considering upgrading to a class A motorhome from our 5th wheel and wanted to know the best car to tow behind. Any sugestions?

If the tow would be used for more than just getting around to see the sites, then my suggestion would be any truck that will not exceed the limits of your tow package or need a great deal of supplemental braking.

Since you have one now, I know that you are aware of how handy having a truck is.
my husband and i have a 2001 30' winnebago brave...we bought a dolly and tow my mitsu is front wheel drive so need to have to back it onto dolly or disengage anything. We didn't want to use a towbar mainly because would add miles onto car and didn't want to have to again...disengage anything. The dolly we bought handles very well in turns, etc. (so says my husband)....LOL.....and hooking up car onto is done in about 10 mins.....quicker if it's raining!!!....good luck in your search! biggrin.gif
Thank you all for your help.
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