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Full Version: Prep For Rv Storage In Florida Keys
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Hello all! New here. Plan to store a 32' travel trailer in the warm, humid climate of the Florida Keys here in the next few days. Will be stored outside and for several months at a time between usages. Any suggestions for proper preparation for long term storage under these conditions are welcomed. Thanks in advance! =)
Two things come to mind immediately: Water and Bugs.

To combat the humidity I would suggest one of the crystalline based dehumidifiers available like Damp Rid (Wal-Mart and hardware stores as well as RV dealers carry this). Get the biggest you can find and maybe grab several.

Whenever I close the bus up for a while, I spray Ortho Home Defense to kill the bugs and to keep them out for the long haul. There are others out there, I don't know their names, but the Ortho helped to eliminate a small ant invasion that arose the last time I visited a beach. (Safe for use around pets and kids-- but keep them away until after it dries!)

Other than these two issues (which I think would be magnified in your high humidity locale) I think that everything else would be fairly normal storage concerns.

You know you are between the devil and deep blue sea on this one. If you close it up tight you can encourage mold and mildew: but if you leave windows cracked you can get rain in side and that really encourages mold and mildew! We use the Damp Rid and put several around the RV. If I am going to be gone for awhile I put each one in a bowl in case of spills - never had it happen, but you never know...!
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