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Full Version: Interstate 40 Rock Slide Nc/tn
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This rock slide happened last October, but if you are in an RV traveling between North Carolina and Tennessee, well, you have to take a 53 mile detour to go around it.

Rockslide on Interstate 40

I'm not currently in my RV, I'm in my car (long story) but I drove through here a few days ago, and I completely forgot about this when I drove through here. The detour, which adds 53 miles to your trip, is on a beautiful drive, but the road is really winding. I wouldn't want to take it in my RV, especially if you are pulling a toad, but other people may be more gutsy than I.

So, for anyone traveling I-40 between TN and NC, be aware of this.

John Blue
We were on this road in late fall and the rains set in. The rock slide had to happen sometime pasted that point. Happy we were not part of the slide on I-40. What a mess to clean it up.
I live in NC, there are now 2 rock slides there dealing with on I-40. They are not to far from eachother, I think the big one is somewere at mile marker 4 on the NC side. May not be cleaned up enough to open till summer 2010. sad.gif
Thanks for the warning, DXS. This was the exact route we had planned to take on our trip to the southwest later in the spring. What's the best way around this? We wanted to hit the Natchez Trace south of Nashville.
MainDon- We reacently got back from a trip to Dallas, TX. We took I-77 to I-85 in Charlotte to Atlanta then picked up I-20 into Dallas. Flater easier drive than the NC mountains and TN. The new detour from what friends have told me is a royal pain in the rear. Hilly, twisty detour. Just my 2cents.
Thanks, RL. This, indeed, may be the route we end up taking. It's too bad about the rock slide. We have driven I-40 several times in the past and found it to be a good road. Oh well, it's always nice to see new territory.
You all have missed the bigger picture here - we've yet to hear JJ's long story tongue.gif
QUOTE(HappiestCamper @ Feb 2 2010, 02:20 PM) *

You all have missed the bigger picture here - we've yet to hear JJ's long story tongue.gif

Okay, JJ, what's the story here?
Yes, JJ, what's the story...inquiring minds want to know! LOL!!!
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