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Full Version: Big Bend Advice
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Alan Andrews
Good day!
I am traveling across country (shooting video and recording songs) in an older 24' RV currently in Austin.

I hope to visit Big Bend next week.

My mild concerns are:
She is a gas hog @ 5MPG .. thus I need to ensure gas stations are frequent enough from Fort Stockton and down into the park areas.

Could you please inform me and please excuse my ignorance I have been searching but have no clear indication where and how.

I have 2 x 15 gallon tanks but averaging 5mpg.

I just want to be sure, also please inform me the most scenic areas to hit conveniently. I am traveling solo with my Pet Lab.

I've been on the road before so I'm not naive as such.

What are the hill grades in and around the park? The bus is older just wanting to be sure I hit it OK

I just need to scope out the most scenic spots before I head west. I have checked out the website but would like a point to point quick reference or suggested route.

I am also camping out RV. I do not need lavish facilities, I'm old school.

Many thanks in advance for your response.

Alan Andrews :-)
John Blue

The trip down into Big Bend is no problem. You travel over to Hwy 385 and go south. Fuel at Fort Stockton and Marathon before you get into the park. At the Rio Grand Village campground you can buy gas but I do not remember if they had diesel or not. Refill here and then travel to other campgrounds in park or out of park on Hwy 118. As soon as you come out of the park more gas pumps in town.

On campground you have two places. One is 100 sites that have no hookups only a dump and a couple water taps to use. You can run your Gen is part of park but not in other parts. This campground is on the river. The campground at gas pumps (1/2 mile west) had full hookups but is very small and only a parking lot in front of store.

Go in cool part of year as this place is super hot.

Reviews on each campground are under Big Bend Nat Park, TX.

Have fun!
We were in Big Bend a few years ago and loved it. There was gas and diesel at the station at the Rio Grande Village. Be aware this is a very large park with lots to see. It was not unusual for us to travel 50 miles to see something there. The town of Terlingua is a must. It is a town of people that would be called free spirts ( as I have been most of my life ). We stayed at the National Park Campground on the river.
Alan Andrews
Thanks folks

I AM A FREE SPIRIT MYSELF, Travelled by sail, train, plane and wheels ...

My upcoming site, is still under development (empty so far)

This is the preview site below .. sorry its limited right now, just working on it while the rain pours :-)

I am looking to head next week or so .. around February 10th .. trying to get a good weather window!!

Appreciate the advice

It's been many years since we've been to Big Bend, but if I recall correctly two of the really spectacular areas for scenery are the Basin and Santa Elena Canyon. The Basin is a mountainous area that has restrictions (or used to) on the length of RV's that can go there (because of the switchbacks and hairpin turns). I think yours would be OK, but you should check first. If that area has gotten any rain recently then the cacti and wildflowers may be in bloom.

Since you will be in the area you should also check out the Davis Mountains State Park and Balmorhea State Park. They both have interesting sights to see. Look at for information on the state parks.

Hope this helps and have a great stay while you're in Texas.

Florida Native
We went thru that area back in the $4.00/gallon days and found plenty of stations. I would have expected you would be getting a lots better mileage than 5. I would think you would be getting at least 8 or so. I would also be very careful with the fuel you carry. On the back bumper might b a good place.
we were there in November. there is diesel at the rangers station, and a gas station in Study butte has it as well. what there isn't too much of is food. or, at least regularly priced food.
we stayed at the Big Bend Motor inn and campground. Its on the west side of the park. the bigger RV park within Big Bend is on the east side- they are pretty far apart but after the first day you get used to driving a lot of miles.You will drive 30-50 miles a day just to see what there is to see. its very spread out down there, but beautiful. we spent a week, and could have stayed longer.
make sure you bring or wear a suit and go to the hotsprings. its open air, and abuts the Rio Grande. pretty cool. (water temp about 101-103).
we LOVED the hiking there.

have a blast...
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