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Full Version: Oasis Rv Park, Amarillo Tx - Bait And Switch?
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Okay, let me start by saying that I have not actually stayed at this park, but was planning on an overnight stay next month. I did - as Camp Club USA suggests - and called ahead to verify the price (listed on CC's website as $16.50 per night) and spoke with Crystal. She told me that the current rate WITH CC USA discount is $25 and they had been trying to contact CC USA to have it updated and CC USA would not return their calls or emails. At first, I believed her, but when I went directly to Oasis's website and found that their posted rate is $25/night (rigs longer than 20') I got suspicious and called her back to inquire why the CC USA rate is the SAME as the regular rate. Crystal said their regular rate would be $50/night and with the CC USA discount, that would bring it down to $25/night. HUH? Then why does their website say it's $25/night? Basically, they're not honoring the CC USA discount. I contacted CC USA and they said they would look into it, but it's been a week and I see that nothing has changed on either website. These people don't seem trustworthy; seems to me it's a bait-and-switch ... mislead people into believing their CC USA rate will be honored, then *surprise* the rate has gone up and you'll actually be paying the regular rate that they're calling a discounted rate. Has anyone else had any problems like this?
I stayed at this park last spring and thought it was one of the nicest facilities around. I also thought the office staff was very helpful and professional.

If you check reviews for the Oasis RV park, they are for the most part better than average and no mention of any "bait and switch" tactics.

I would hope some how that this is just a misunderstanding on someone's part.
I, too, have read the rave reviews and have no doubt that it's a very nice place. What I'm taking issue with is their misrepresentation of Camp Club USA's negotiated discount rate when in fact it's no discounted rate at all. Crystal repeatedly told me that she couldn't "go lower than twenty five dollars a night," and she seems pretty firm on that. I was wondering if anybody else had problems with joining these membership organizations but then finding that you're not getting any better rate after the fact. I'm on the fence with joining CC USA, but will probably be swayed not to join if this kind of practice is prevalent.
Florida Native
The Camp Club (and PA) is off the rack rate which is normally the highest rate they charge for the time of season involved. They frequently adjust the price downward on the spot as conditions change (mainly not enough money). The theory being that better to get say 50 sites rented at the lower rate than 40 at the higher rate. When we were in the lodging business, during the off season we sometimes cut the rate at the end of the month trying to meet our projections. We normally did not change the website to reflect the change. The main purpose of the website is to make the phone to ring. All of that being said I think the campground should be giving a 50% discount of the prevailing rate. Some campgrounds get around this by having only a few sites available for CC or PA. In these bad times, it sounds like something is going on. Lodging folks also hate to give discounts when they would otherwise be full at the higher price.
I can't really consider this a bait and switch problem. You called, were given a price, and the decision was yours whether to stay or not. The Camp Club and Passport America rates, that are listed in their literature, are always subject to change, as is states in their agreement. I have gone to RV parks and been given the 50% discount on the BASE rate and then had a charge added for 50 AMP, cable, etc. If I would have paid the full non-discounted rate, 50 Amp service and cable were included. Instead of a 50% discount I expected with PA or CC, I actually maybe only got a 20-30% discount. IN any case, all it took was a phone call, like you made, to find out what the actual rate is today.
The PA and CC plans are nice, they do offer some savings, but DO NOT expect to get a 50% discount at every park. It just isn't going to happen.
Now, if you want to check further in the Amarillo area you will find that the KOA park is charging more than twice the price as Oasis is at $25. Having stayed at both(I foolishly stayed a night at the KOA) there is no comparison. The Oasis park is one of the nicest parks I have ever stayed at, regardless of the price. We are mostly overnighters and usually put 20,000 miles plus on our coach each year. I have stayed at many many parks and have the CC and PA cards. Sometimes they offer what the card issuers advertise, and sometimes they don't. I personally do not care about the actual discount so much as am I getting a decent VALUE for my money. I have gotten a 50% discount at some CC and PA parks and still felt at even as low as $10 I paid too much.
I would give Oasis RV park a chance. Stay there and see if the $25 is worth the price to you.
Thanks for your response, Lindsay. I know prices fluctuate with the season, but would really be surprised that $50 a night in the middle of March in Amarillo, TX is the norm. Again, I think the good people at Oasis are trying to pull a fast one. Curiously, Camp Club USA's website states the standard rate at Oasis is $33/night and discounted rate (50% off) is $16.50. Nowhere on Oasis's website does it say $33/night; the highest rate is only $25. Still, I'd be okay with paying $16.50, what I'm not okay with is being told I'm getting the club rate, when in fact it's still the regular rate. Again, I do believe this is a great place to stay and all, but I'm not liking this business practice, so I'll be taking my business elsewhere. End of story.
All I can say is that if you eliminate EVERY Camp Club or Passport America RV park that does not give you a 50% discount off of their regular non-discounted rate, you will find very few places to stay. The 50% discount claim is a gimmick used by PA and CC to sell their memberships and if you read their fine print that came with the membership you will see that prices are subject to change and that you are NOT guaranteed a 50% discount. I guess I actually see a true 50% discount at somewhere around 20-25% of the CC and PA parks. The rest all have some sort of "extra" or fee increase that is applied to your rate.

I should add that at Oasis, the discount rate is $25/night and the 3d night is free. This means that it cost $50 to stay three nights, or $16.66 per night.
From the Camp Club website:
Q: How is my rate figured?

A: The rate you are charged will be 50% of the regular rate, subject to the restrictions established by each campground.

This is how both CC and PA get around actually guaranteeing you a full 50% discount.
I agree, go with your gut feeling.

Jerry S
After staying at Oasis a couple years ago and considering it one of the best parks I've used, I have kept track of it's reviews and website. Since my visit, the park has constantly had very low rates to improve business. With a few rare exceptions, the reviews they have received have been fantastic and many reviewers also comment on the low rates. Most of last year they were charging $17 and are currently charging $25 with the third night free. "What's not to like?" As someone else mentioned, $25 is quite a deal for a park of this quality. A lot of parks run their own specials which sometimes negate camping club discounts. I think there is some misunderstanding of how these club discounts works that is giving you the wrong impression of this park's actions.
Little Bit's Mom
On January 1 this year we stayed at Oasis RV Park and used our PA card to get a rate of $16.50 for one night. Today, we pulled in to the park and were told that they are "currently not taking PA but the new rate is $25.00 a night but if you pay for 2 nights you will get the 3rd night free". We are always paying $25 or more for other parks, and they aren't always as nice as Oasis, and I think we would be seriously laughed at if we thought they would give us a 3rd night free!!We have stayed here 3 different times and have thoroughly enjoyed the nice staff and park. :-).
Well I wonder if PA knows that Oasis has voluntarily removed itself from participation in their program as well. Good for Oasis ... they get PA and CC members pulling into their park thinking they will honor their discount, then find out they're no longer participating. The "Buy 2 nights, get third night free," is a great deal ... however I only need one night as I am just passing through, so it does me no good. Glad to hear nobody else feels it's wrong for Oasis to represent itself as a PA and CC participating park, then not honor the 50% off discount of their published rate (still $25/night according to their website.) Just sayin'.
Is the laundry still free? If so bring several loads and do it there. That's about $10. When using PA I always call ahead to see if they have room and is it ok to use PA and what is the rate.
I thought I read somewhere that they are charging for laundry now. $.75 a load maybe, but I'm not sure.

All this just sounds to me like this RV park really tried to give the traveler some breaks during hard times, but has now had to raise their rates again. IMHO
QUOTE(Texasrvers @ Mar 8 2010, 12:56 PM) *

I thought I read somewhere that they are charging for laundry now. $.75 a load maybe, but I'm not sure.

All this just sounds to me like this RV park really tried to give the traveler some breaks during hard times, but has now had to raise their rates again. IMHO

As of January 2010, the laundry is still free and they keep adding more amenities, not less. IF anyone bothers to read their PA or CC fine print, they would understand that ANY park can set their own rates and do not always have to give a 50% discount. It also mentions that parks can pull out of the discount at any time. ALL you have to do is call ahead and ask. If you don't like the new rates, then don't stay there.
Pretty simple, except the part about reading the fine print of your PA and CC discount agreement. Apparently that is what people are having trouble with.
Jerry S
Since this topic is still going and Oasis received another poor review because of the "50% issue", I decided to check the Oasis listing in both the PPA printed directory (2010 version) and the PPA website. Both listings show the PPA rate as $25/night and mention the stay 2 nights, get the 3rd night free. So I really don't believe the complaints are justified. I received the printed version in the mail 2-3 months ago, so these rates have been in effect for longer than that. If a potential customer is using a printed directory that is 2009 or older, it is their responsibility to check the currect rates. As others have mentioned, a phone call could have clarified the situation.
I just have to say that we just stayed at Oasis and it was a great park. Clean, spacious, well-kept and modern. At any of the rates being discussed, it is well worthwhile.

Plus, just for the asking, they will give you a "Silver Card" which gives you 20% off the current rate. They also have service facilities on the premises and the car gives you the same discount there.

If you need to spend the night in amarillo, this is definitely the place to stay.
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