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Full Version: Safe/secure Park?
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Jerry S
Here's another question concerning terminolgy. I see a lot of reviews commenting on a whether or not they feel safe or whether or not a park is secure. As usual, when I see such comments, I often have no idea what the reviewer means. In many instances when I have been to the park in question, I don't understand the need to even bring the subject of safety/security up. When the comments are negative, there is rarely a definitive explanation why the park was deemed unsafe. Am I missing something or does the presence of older RVs and/or economically challenged residents automatically mean a park is unsafe? I have seen where other innocuos situations, have led to declarations of a park being labeled unsafe.

So, what makes somebody state that a park is unsafe or not secure?
Hi Jerry,

I've only stayed in one park where I questioned the safety and that was in Las Vegas. The streets had a few characters loitering about and a few females were apparently "available for a price". This was at 3 p.m.

I tend to stay in tiny towns and boondock where ever I am able to do so.
For me (and for most women...), it's an.... "eebie jeebie" thing. I have pulled into parks where I just "felt" the "eebie jeebies." I turned around and left.

In another life, we were weekend warrior, boon-dockers. It's how I met my husband. Jeep and tents mostly. Spent an enormous amount of time in the Anza Borrego Desert, by ourselves. At least twice total strangers approached our campsites. One was asking for a handout, the other group took a hard look at our couple mutt-rotties, and decided to move on.

Couple years ago: pulled into a State Park along 101 below Monterey someplace at dusk. Boondocking again. Chairs out, getting a small fire going, just about ready to enjoy a couple cold ones. Took note of a very rowdy group a couple sites away. 10 to 12 guys, not a family affair. The more they drank the louder/more angry their voices. A fight began: bottles and fists flying. It's now totally dark out.

Decided not to wait for the guns. Stashed the now growling dog and the chairs back into the RV and pulled out. Only time in my life I left a campfire going... a brightly flickering diversion as we slipped out the back way. That was eebie jeebie enough for both of us.
Nothing stands out for me...there are always criminals looking for the perfect opportunity, especially in areas people are most vulnerable, on vacation.
QUOTE(Jerry S. @ Feb 23 2010, 12:09 AM) *

In many instances when I have been to the park in question, I don't understand the need to even bring the subject of safety/security up. When the comments are negative, there is rarely a definitive explanation why the park was deemed unsafe.

So, what makes somebody state that a park is unsafe or not secure?

We had a very scary experience at a campground many years ago and I can see why people might be afraid to give a definitive explanation....IMO

There is old or less expensive; then there is ratty and dirty. I do not feel uncomfortable or unsafe around rigs that are older or not quite so pretty, but I do not want to stay in parks that allow those that are not well kept or falling apart.

I feel the same about the neighborhood surrounding the park. A lower economic area is OK as long as it is relatively neat and clean and quiet. If people do not take care of their own surroundings, it is unlikely they will respect other people’s property.

I know I tend to characterize people and things by their looks more than I should. I understand that "bright and shiny" does not necessarily mean safety, but on the other hand “less cared for” does seem to go hand in hand with less desirable characters. If I see groups of people just hanging around (in or outside the park), drinking heavily, yelling, swearing, fighting, etc., I do not feel safe. Crime can and does happen anywhere, but I feel it is more likely to happen in trashy, junky environments.

The bottom line is I guess I do tend to give attention to appearance, (but I hope it is within reason). So to answer your question: if I saw some of the undesirable conditions that were mentioned above, this would probably be a reason for me to state that the park seemed unsafe.
I survey the surround area/neighborhood on my way to an RV park to determine if this is a place I want to stay. This is the best way that i know of to determine if the entire neighborhood, including the RV park, is going to be a safe destination.
We stayed at one RV park right in the middle of Tempe, AZ and this park had a gate that closed it for the night. We were warned that it was not a good idea to wander out of the park at night. We had no problems that night, and downtown Tempe, AZ did not look threatening, but it is obvious that the park owners were concerned enough to warn their guests. You just never know.
Florida Native
We have stayed in hundreds of parks and never felt unsafe. We have not stayed at several once we say them up close though. We once parked in a Wal-Mart (outside of Washington, DC) and saw numerous drug deals going on from a nearby truck camper, we moved to the other side of the parking lot and alerted security. They did nothing. We locked up and had a good night. We do have a shotgun in the coach and that makes me feel safer I guess.
QUOTE(Texasrvers @ Feb 23 2010, 09:46 PM) *

There is old or less expensive; then there is ratty and dirty.

Totally agree.

I have not been to a campground where I felt "unsafe", but that may just be me. My wife has mentioned a couple times about campsites and/or people that she was unsure about, and I totally missed it.

We also usually "check out" campgrounds before staying, either by a drive through (sometimes months in advance if we are in the area), or by research by asking friends or using the internet.

I very much want people to state in their reviews if they feel any "heebi-jeebies".
I for one do want reviewers to write in if the campground makes nervious and/or they left because of it. We have never been in a campground that we didn't feel safe. Have come into a few I wondered about because some of the RVs were very old and not overly well kept. But so far haven't had any problems.
QUOTE(DXSMac @ Feb 23 2010, 03:56 PM) *

it's an.... "eebie jeebie" thing.

JJ you are dating yourself with that phrase. And come to think of it, since I know what it means,
so am I! laugh.gif
As a camper with kids, for me, the safety issue is actually two-fold. There's general security of the type that I think most of us are talking about here, and then there's safety in regards to my children (which is itself two-fold).

So if any reviewer feels strongly enough to include that a campground or park felt safe or unsafe, then that's great for me. More information, even without complete context, really helps to decide where I park my motorhome with my kids inside.

John Blue
We have never been in a campground that we didn't feel safe in so far. That could change over the years.
John S.
Let me propose a different idea here. The fact of feeling safe or not feeling safe has to do with awareness. If you are from a large city you will feel differently in a small town country park and the opposite is the same. ALso there are those of us who do walk around paying attention to our surroundings. It is usually a taught condition that does not turn off but can go down a level or two. There are color codes for it. Most people walk around in condition white and are unaware, then there are people who walk around in condition yellow where they are aware of the guy getting off the elevator in the parking garage or that car that has been following them. then there is conditon red where you suspect danger and then condition black and that is action occurring.

Now, not everyone is aware that they do that but have you walked through a dark lot to your car and have your keys ready and not in your pocket or purse. Have you felt the hebe jebes as was discussed. Or the person who is worried about their kids. They are different safety measures for each but your mind is doing it for you all you have to do is listen.
Hi, I'm new here. smile.gif

I agree with JJ. Most of the time I have felt very safe where we've camped. There have been a couple that gave me an uneasy feeling, so we left.

I feel especially safe in the state parks in Florida and Georgia that lock the gates at sundown and require a gate code to enter after that.

Also, if I am in a campground where there are almost no other campers, I really appreciate the campgrounds that have camp hosts.

I would love to boondock out in beautiful, remote sites, but I need to scrunch my courage up a little more first. smile.gif
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