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Full Version: Thousand Trails Membership
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Just purchased a 36 ft Monaco from Lazy Days RV in Florida and was offered a Thousand Trails membershiop for $398 for the first year. We have no experience with these memberships and wonder if there are other costs (ie AC or other hookups) when you arrive. Also have no experience with what these parks are like. Any advice would be helpful.
Jerry S

This issue has been done to death in this forum. For example, an old thread about TT got a new posting just after your posting. Try entering Thousand Trails and/or TT in the "SEARCH" box for the forum and check many of the prior comments on this issue. If you still have quetions after doing this bit or research, post again.

Average campground price may be $25.00. Therefor you have to stay 16 nights to break even, if there are zero additional fees.

Read the fine print.

In your shoes I would politely decline this "generous" offer.

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Florida Native
We bought our Coach at Lazy Days several years ago and got 3 days free invite. We had to attend a 2 hour sessions. We went to the one on US 27 about 8 miles North of I-4. We travel all over and knew going in that this wasn't going to be our thing. They started a very high pressure sales presentation. My wife is not the type for this and kept telling them we were not going to buy but would sit there for the 2 hours so we could get out $75 Wal-Mart gift cards. Things got a little testy and they let us go after about a half hour and gave us our girt cards. It i also my understanding that you also have to pay a fee of about $6.00 per night. It is strictly depends on what type of camping you do.
Unfortunately they do have a high pressure sale pitch and want alot of money for these memberships.My husband and I have been through that a few times but thanks to some great friends, they gave us some good advice and referred us to a gentleman by the name of Kevin Keith. He got us a thousand trails nationwide membership for $2000.00 and that was including the transfer fee. It was a very easy process and he had some really good advice. I can get you his number but in the meantime here is the website. I hope this helps.
My husband sold his business n '06, we bought our motorhome 3 months later and started fulltiming, cold turkey! Thank Heaven for Thousand Trails! Even though we bought a "new" lifetime membership I know we are ahead in the long run. I must include a CAUTION here: there are SOOOOO many TT memberships out there with different rules and regulations. Read the fine print! Our membership includes Resorts of Distinction (up to 3 weeks no charge), Thousand Trails (up to 2 weeks no charge) and Resort Parks International (up to 2 weeks $10/night). Of course, of late they have added a $3 daily fee if you want 50amp. This gives us over 150 parks nationwide. If you're looking for ***** resort accommodations, you won't like TT. They are mostly off the beaten path but have plenty of amenities and activities for us, and we see a lot of families there, too.
It's all in the package that you buy. Good idea to check out the re-sale market. Wish we had known about it 3 years ago!
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