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Full Version: Membership Resales - Lost In Limbo...brain Spinning!
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Smore Fishin
dry.gif Hello, Heres where we need clear advice to get our brains back on track about buying "Private Re Sale"
We found the membership we wanted, it was a "Thousand trails Platnum Naco LT" National use, 21 days in out 7, unlimited use and so on, the seller had it since 1982, all great, got excited, giddy up lets buy !
Then talking with transfer office, we were told , "at transfer time we have to upgrade you for free to todays Alliance not Platnum, to keep it current the upgrades are no longer unlimited use, but 80 nights and 14 days in and out 7 and it won't be called Platnum the new name is Alliance", Uh Huh, we said thats a clear down grade, then he said " Once you have Alliance you CAN upgrade to the Platnum for $3,700- !!

When a fully transferable membership states Thousand trails Platnum Naco LT" Why can they change it , is that legal? To end up with a total rebuilt membership thats no where near what we shopped for , or promised "transferable"
We don't know what is and what is'nt anymore- if it can all change at transfer time!
Is there a way to make them honor the transfer as stated on Sellers Membership, Just a straight transfer only without forced changes?. Or a number to call in Washington to clearify what a purchaser's rights are? and no I am not calling the transfer office to ask again, because they are the ones playin the transfer game.
Yikes, We sure feel sorry for all those retiree's trying to sell there "what once was an honest membership, the resorts are making it almost impossible to re- sell.
We want to know OUR rights or are there any?
Any informative advice that can get us where we want so we can giddy-up and get rollin down the road!
Kind Regards to all...Smore Fishin
Sorry, I can't help you, but reading this and other threads about memberships makes us even more sure that we don't want to buy one.
There are about as many different types of TT membership, IMO, as there are blades of grass in a lawn. There was one group in particular that did exactly what you are talking about - revert to a lesser membership when transferred. Some, I have heard, revert only after multiple transfers. Some types do not change on transfer. I was told (did not verify) that frozen dues clauses did not transfer. What you are finding is a good example of why the first steps in the purchase negotiation is to get the member number and call TT for details on the membership stipulations before proceeding.
Hi! If I were you..I think I would collect the facts and then RUN!
QUOTE(Smore Fishin @ Mar 14 2010, 07:54 AM) *

...Any informative advice that can get us where we want so we can giddy-up and get rollin down the road! Kind Regards to all...Smore Fishin

Smore don't need the financial hassle to giddy-up and get rollin down the road! Just my opinion. Save those bucks for fishing gear!

If I read you right, it sounds like they want to charge because they have a new member, and will not make a dime on it. I would run away from that as fast as possible.
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