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Full Version: Cooperstown,NY Campgrounds
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Bud Wiser
Would like some info on campgrounds in Cooperstown. Tell me the good, the bad, and the ugly about them. Would like to know their distance from the Baseball Hall of Fame. Thanks in advance.
Stayed at Shadow Brook a few years ago and overall it was a positive experience. The have a pond for fishing as well as a nice pool, nice store and clean laundry. As I remember the dump station was on an incline and the CG was about 10 miles from town. I got a parking ticket there while at the BB H of F for an overtime meter.
I second the review on Shadow Brook.
Hi about the Cooperstown CG...we have been staying at Jellystone Park at Crystal Lake for the past 2 yrs. They are very friendly, helpful, clean and they have a beautiful stock lake. If you like peaceful time fishing after going to town and the museums I highly reccommend them. I could say more but we have 2 boys and 2 shelties and if it wasn't a great place to stay we would not go back. Oh I must add that the sites are a good size, I didn't feel crowded.
Just got back from Shadow Brook....very buggy with mosquitos...that pond needs a fountain or some kind of device to keep the water moving...there was a lot of algae on it and many many bugs...we were packed in so close to another trailer, we could actually see through their trailer to the other side!!! Bathrooms were fairly clean. Dump station is on a rather steep incline and we couldn't get the black water tank to empty because of the incline; it was difficult to maneuver our 5th wheel around the turn. Also, a lot of seasonals with all their trappings (i.e. lawn decorations etc.)....playground and pool were nice and clean. We probably wouldn't go back unless there was no place else to stay for an overnight. It was convenient to Cooperstown though.
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