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Full Version: Water Heater Not Very Hot...please Help
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Hi, I spent six weeks in my 2009 Jayco Eagle TT last summer, and the water was nice and piping hot, just using the electric portion of the water heater. The propane works fine, but would prefer to save my gas. The trailer needed some repairs at the end of the summer, so after winterizing it, I left it with the dealer for the coldest part of the winter for some work. I have to say, I've been really disappointed with the dealer. They kept the TT for three months! We spent a week in it last week, and the hot water does not get very hot at all with the electric gets a bit warmer than lukewarm. As for winterizing, I asked the dealer to drain the hot water heater when I dropped it off, and they SWEAR that they did so. I'm suspicious that they did not, and now the coils are damaged and that's why it's not getting as hot as before.

Any suggestions, ideas, or advice for me? We are going x-country for seven weeks this summer, and I will definitely need hot water.
John Blue
If the power was left on and water was removed then you may have a burned out heater element. Remove the AC power. Then open up the water heater unit and find the heater rod. This will have two wires that supply 120 volts to heater. Remove one wire only and then use a good volt/ohm meter and read the resistors on this coil, around 30 ohms or so. Them read each side to ground to see if the heater element has a short to ground. If reading are bad take it to Home Depot and find a new one. Remember unit is 120 volts not 240 volts. Number of watts will be on stamped near place wires are hooked. If unit is good check and see if you have 120 AC on heater. DO NOT keep power on with out filled the heater tank or it will burn out fast. Use a good sealer on a new element before you screw it back in.
It has been noted that if the outside wash down valves are left on, and the head turned off, it will allow water to mix and you will only get warm water. Also check the water heater bypass to make sure it is in the proper position. If partially open the same effect.
Hi, Can you explain what the 'outside wash down valves' are?

Also, Mr. Blue, you explanation is great, but probably beyond my technical/mechanical ability. Sounds like I might need a repairman. If it is under warranty still, would that help?

Hi Marisa,

Outside wash down is otherwise known as an out door shower.
RV Camper
If either shower should be turned off at the head, leaving the hot and cold valves open(inside or outside), then the hot and the cold water will mix. Another possible cause could be the water heater bypass valves not properly aligned.

I assume that the coils that you believe were damaged are those of the electric heater? If so, then the advice by John is good, if you have a factory installed heater that came with the water heater. If it is an after-market heater such as the "Hot Rod" then you will need to replace it with theirs.

Have you tried the water heater using propane? I would do that first to make sure that the propane heater works to verify that it is a heater problem. It the water heater is a dual heat source model the same controls are used for both electric and propane heat and that would verify that the control circuits are working.
Hi Marisa,

I wonder if when the unit was dewinterized if they correctly set the by pass valve. That would also allow cold water to mix with the hot water.
Hi, I will try your suggestions (the simple ones!) and see what I get. I think the propane did make it hotter, but will run it for longer to make sure. I sure hope it is as simple as the by-pass valve alignment. Thanks for the suggestions.
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