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Full Version: Looking For A Campground
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The wife and I are planning a trip to the Chicago and Milwaukee area to do some baseball games. This is on my wife's bucket list to visit all the major league parks. We are looking for a park which woulc allow us to do both of these cities without to much driving. No interested in a state park as we will require water, sewer, and internet. From this area we will then travel to Minneapolis for the Twins ball park. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Jerry S
Hi Roger,

I have previously answered several queries concerning RV parks in the Chicago area. As far as the best bet for a full hook-up RV park with WIFI to use as a base for going to Cub, Sox, and Brewer games, I would say you don't have much to choose from. Full service, private parks are non-existent between Chicago and Milwaukee. You have to go northwest of Chicago to find anything that meets your criteria. The two parks I am familiar with are KOA in Union,IL and Lehmen's Lakeside in Marengo, IL. Both these parks are about 20 miles east of Rockford, IL. There is also Sycamore RV in Sycamore, IL about 20 miles south off the first two parks. Even though you will "only" be 50-70 miles from your 3 target ball parks, you will probably want to allow at least 2 hours travel time to get to any of these ball parks from any of these RV parks because of the urban traffic. No single park will allow you to have a short drive to any, much less all, of the ball barks.

I would imagine that the toughest part of fullfilling this dream will be finding a fairly short period of time when all three teams are at home. To my knowledge, it is rare for the Cubs and Sox to be at home at the same time. You will probably have to time it so one team is just finishing a home stand and the other is just staring one. Then you have to factor in the Brewers being at home at the same time. Good luck with that scheduling.
Hi Jerry,

Thanks for the info. I will look into these parks. I have run into this problem just about everywhere in the north. Seems like the north does not have the parks that the south has. Thanks again.
There are several camps along the Rt. 41/94 route. Kenosha and Racine Wisconsin is where I would check.
Jerry S

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think any of the parks along US 41/I-94 corridor meet Roger's requirements (FHU and WIFI). Additionally, Kenosha and Racine are really a long way from the Chicago ball parks. Two of Roger's trips for ball games will be to Chicago and only one will be to Milwaukee.
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